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Best place for first time African trip
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Alabowma 17-Jul-17
safari 17-Jul-17
jstephens61 18-Jul-17
Drahthaar 18-Jul-17
Shorty 18-Jul-17
MedicineMan 18-Jul-17
Too Many Bows Bob 18-Jul-17
t-roy 18-Jul-17
GhostBird 18-Jul-17
Buffalo1 18-Jul-17
jerrynocam 18-Jul-17
Medicinemann 18-Jul-17
Alabowma 18-Jul-17
huntinelk 18-Jul-17
Mad Trapper 19-Jul-17
AZ~Rich 19-Jul-17
swatmedic 19-Jul-17
saltydog 19-Jul-17
Spiral Horn 19-Jul-17
Footshooter 19-Jul-17
Buffalo1 20-Jul-17
canesfan1 22-Jul-17
bowbender77 22-Jul-17
geoffp 22-Jul-17
JAGER 23-Jul-17
JW 23-Jul-17
From: Alabowma
Just wondering everyone's thoughts on a first time African hunter. Where would you go and what animals would you want to take? If I get to go, I'd like to go after the typical plains game. Maybe an 8000k budget. Just starting to dream again!!

From: safari
RSA with any outfitter. I have never seen one that could not deliver. Check the outfitters section.

From: jstephens61
We had a great trip with African Barefoot. Reon and Elmay made us feel like family. Best advice I got before the trip was Take what Africa offers.

From: Drahthaar
African Barefoot is good in S.A. , Agagia in Namibia, Limcroma in S.A. I disagree with any outfitter in Africa is good, DO YOUR HOME WORK. Far as animals go ,if you are like me I want to hunt them all. But this money thing. Study the atomy of African game. Forrest

From: Shorty
Just got back from 10 days with African Barefoot Safari's. I have been before but brought 3 other couple with us and 4 kids that have never been there. We had a blast. did some cool activities and lots of hunting. We hunted both the Bushveld and the Highveld with Reon. Hunted hard and shot lots of critters, his new lodge is gorgeous. Even got to guide my friends 10yr old boy to a great Waterbuck with a crossbow.

From: MedicineMan
Hunted with Dare to Bowhunt 3 times the last two years and will be returning with them next September for Cape Buffalo. They are one of the few truly Bow Only places in S.A. and is run by some awesome folks with a family like atmosphere and they are Definitely well within your budget. I looked for a couple months before I finally booked our first trip a couple years ago, and have never looked back since! If you want any info, PM me.

I went with Tshepe through bowhunting Safari Consultants. They have a number of places you could go. 2 things to be aware of.

1. you will be going to a game farm, a large one, but a game farm. 2. Flying South Africa Airlines was the biggest mistake we made. I'd look for alternatives.


From: t-roy
Only been far! Went with Limcroma and when we go again, it will be with them.

X2 on studying the anatomy and proper shot placement.

From: GhostBird
Been twice with Ken Moody. Great safaris both times. Good hunting & all monetary transactions handled stateside and seamless. Highly recommended.

From: Buffalo1
U.S. Post Office- get a passport, if you don't already have one.

After passport secured- start looking. Who to book with- see Bowsite outfitters section. Where to Hunt- RSA or Namibia What Animals- 1st trip throw away your want list and just enjoy the experience.

From: jerrynocam
Tshepe is no longer in business unless he was able to start up again. SA government shut him down, sadly.

From: Medicinemann
8000k ($8 million) will get you some awesome hunts.....LOL......I know, I know meant $8,000.00 ....just pulling your leg.

From: Alabowma
Hahaha!! I must have been sleepy when I posted that!! Great info!

From: huntinelk

Recently had an excellent trip with African Trophy Pursuit.

From: Mad Trapper
Too many Medicine Men on this site. Anybody know a good lawyer?

From: AZ~Rich
I have experience with four (two have been mentioned) and for bowhunting, I would readily recommend Choronga, Barefoot and Limcroma. Not sure if Angus Brown is still running an operation but he is one of the original bowhunting specific safari operators plus an awesome PH and bowhunter. You cant go wrong with the choices being given on this post.

From: swatmedic
I agree that the choice of your outfitter can depend a lot on your specific goals and expectations for the safari that you are looking for. Type of accommodations, available trophy species, amount of huntable property, logistics, & accommodations, and most importantly, the capability of the outfitter to accommodate serious bow hunters will all factor into what is the best fit for you.

I made a similar post here when planning our first African hunt back in 2013. I read all of the outfitters reports, and got lots of recommendations, references, and some great info from Bowsiters who have hunted with these outfits. I ultimately went with Limcroma, and had the best outfitted hunt of my life. They are a first class outfit in every regard. I would highly recommend them to anyone planning a first or fifth hunt. My next hunt will also be with them. Whoever you choose, I would strongly suggest going with one of the Bowsite sponsors. Most are all vetted and verified many times over, and there are many Bowsiters here with experience to provide you with references and relevant info. Best of luck to you.

From: saltydog
Too Many Bows Bob, Could you please elaborate on flying South African Airways? Was considering them for our flights.

From: Spiral Horn
The beauty of a first safari is the "freshness" of the adventure, and everything is on your schedule. Been on numerous Bowhunting safaris. What has worked best for me was first getting an idea of the animals I wanted to take (species availability and quality vary from place to place), then the area that I wanted to hunt, and then decide on the outfitter. Example, if the highest priority is Kudu, then Limpopo deserves strong consideration; if Springbok/Gemsbok then maybe Namibia or the Northern Cape. And when it comes to choosing an outfitter there is a vast differences in experience/ability to accommodate bowhunters. One might also consider joining a local SCI Chapter -- most are very welcoming and stacked with worldwide hunting experience.

From: Footshooter
I went to Limcroma with T-Roy, and will also be going back with them someday. Hopefully sooner than later, as we had a great time on that trip.

From: Buffalo1
Ck. PM

From: canesfan1
I also went to Limcroma on my first and only African hunt off of info from this site. We had a great time. Everything was delivered as advertised and more. Great communication and a stress free process from start to finish. They are great folks to deal with. I can't imagine a better outfit for a first safari.

From: bowbender77
Limcroma X2

From: geoffp
Choronga Safaris was awesome for me. Bowhunting is specialty. I would go back in a second. Check their website.

Choronga x2

From: JW
Limcroma x100. When I go back, that's who I'm going with.

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