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Shiras Moose Bow Setup
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DB999 18-Jul-17
BullBuster 18-Jul-17
greg simon 18-Jul-17
hooch08 18-Jul-17
Mathewsshootr2 19-Jul-17
wildwilderness 19-Jul-17
Mathewsshootr2 19-Jul-17
pav 19-Jul-17
From: DB999
After 19 years of waiting, I was fortunate enough to draw my Archery Shiras Bull Moose Tag in Colorado this year. I've been hunting elk and Deer for 20 years with my bow and currently shoot about a 300 (including knock and fletching) grain arrow with a 125 grain Slick Trick Broad head. Never had any problems with deer or elk - hit them where you are supposed to and they don't go far.

Wanted to get opinions on my moose set up. Do I need to change my set up with something heavier? Bigger Broadhead? Just wanted to get some opinions.


From: BullBuster
Go down to "Bow setup for moose" thread from July 8. Talked about this quite a bit.

From: greg simon
So a 425 grain arrow all inclusive? If so assuming you are pulling at least 60 pounds you should be good to go. Congratulations on the great tag!!!

From: hooch08
Shot mine à 38 yrds 450grns including slick trick....found the arrow 15yrs on other side.

Shot mine 418 gr arrow with expandable pass thru

I would think anything that works on Elk would work fine on Shiras Moose.

I don't understand the thought of a "bigger broadhead" for a bigger animal. I would say the opposite makes more sense. If you shoot a bigger, wider, more blades etc broadhead you will get LESS penetration. So if you want a complete pass through on elk, moose etc I would say smaller is better! Your standard slick would be just fine.

Moose are wimpy

From: pav
"Moose are wimpy "

Bill (BB) told me the same thing prior to my WY Shiras hunt in 2013. Killed my bull at 15 yards with a 480gr arrow (125gr Montec). Complete pass through, never found the arrow due to all the snow. Bull didn't make it 40 yards before tipping over.

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