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From: goose21
Anybody ever hunt with him in Russia? Thinking of doing a brown bear hunt on Kamchatka and his name has come up

From: Pat Lefemine
Be careful with any outfitter in Russia. I was interested in a Kamchatka hunt years ago but after going my homework I promptly ended that notion. There is no concept of fair chase, you have to grease palms every step of the trip, and you are entirely at the mercy of a corrupt government over the duration. I've heard far more bad than good so be careful.

From: Ibow
Denny is from right here in West Michigan and he's got a good reputation. I used to access rights to a really good fishing spot thru him. If I was going to go to Russia, he'd be the guy I'd feel safest with. I didn't know he was still doing those hunts but if he is, he's been doing them a very long time.

X2 Ibow - I remember Denny doing those hunts in the late 90's. Didn't know he was still doing them.

From: PAstringking
Jay Link just bought a very successful operation in Russia. Snowmobile brown bear hunts are extremely successful and a true adventure.

I just watched that Colorado Buck guy on TV take a real nice bear on a snowmobile hunt there. That was with a rifle. Not sure what outfitter he used. Denny advertises his Russian hunts in Bear Hunter Magazine

From: The END
A few years back Denny told me that there was no bowhunting in Russia.

From: goose21
Yeah there is no bowhunting in Russia so this would have to be with a rifle. Just wondering if anyone had any experience. Denny is still doing the hunts. Russia makes me nervous but I am always up for an adventure. Just wondering if anyone had any first hand experience with him. I have called a few of his references and they have had great things to say but you know how that goes.

From: Sugarfoot
Hunted with Denny this spring, and killed a nice bear. I never paid a bribe, or ever felt in a questionable situation of any sort. I think anyone raised in the height of the, "Cold War", like l was would be lying if they said traveling into Russia did not make them a little nervous. However Denny's interpreter met me in Moscow, and the rest was a piece of cake. Now Russian customs move slow, and seem to be a bit cumbersome, but can you imagine a Russian citizen bringing a firearm with 20 rounds of ammo into the USA? I don't know for sure, but I don't think it happens. I flew 4 flights for a total of about 26 hours, that is the worst part. Success? Five guys in my camp, 1 Kiwi, 1 Ausi, 2 Buckeyes, and one East Texas Red Neck. 7 bears taken with plenty time to spare. Guides were great in my camp.

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