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Muskox close encounter
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From: Drop tine

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Last week while hunting with Bowhunting Greenland and Frank Feldman I had a close up experience with a wounded muskox and got some cool footage of it.

Whitney was up and a good bull was spotted on the top of the hill. He wanted some video footage of the hunt so I was lucky enough to tag along with his GoPro. We went up to where the bull was only to find out that he had started to go down and was now with a cow and 2 calves. Frank was concerned that the extra person was going to make it difficult to get close so he requested I stay up high and out of sight. These muskox were getting nervous and he wanted to make sure Whitney had a good opportunity on this bull.

I sat for a good 20 minutes eating bugs until I saw Frank and Whitney way down at the bottom sneaking into position. Unfortunately the Go Pro was now dead. I was able to zoom in with my iphone and watch Whitney make a shot and have the bull run away and stop. I expected him to fall over but instead he started up the hill as the shot was a little bit low (super easy to do with these hairy beasts). I crawled forward on my hands and knees to get on a stony ledge 6 feet in front of me. After a minute or so they appeared about 20 yards out. The bull then lead them up the hill on a path immediately in front of my rocky shelf. They went by close enough I could have touched their fur. They found the bull and finished him quickly thereafter.

From: woodguy65
Wow very cool!!

From: TD
whoa..... that'll jump start the ol heart.....

Low shot, but looks like decent blood already. great job folks. Quick thinking with the smart phone! Thanks for sharing.

Did you think they would step on you?

From: Drop tine
I was more concerned about them seeing me and screwing up the hunt. The shelf I was laying on was a few feet off the ground so they would have had to turn back and come after me. Didn't really occur to me at the time, was just trying to get the footage.

Has to be the most incredible Musk Ox video ever recorded. Well done and certainly a treasury for all who see it. C

From: Greg Kush
Holy crap! That was CLOSE!!

From: APauls

Awesome !!! Those bugs at the end look insane !

From: LBshooter
Well you could have helped out at stuck it with your knife lol great experience, not to many will have that happen.

From: casekiska
Fantastic clip of a great experience, almost too close for comfort! This has gotta rank among the best all time clips of game animals! Congratulations. Superb.

From: Zackman
That was close!

From: t-roy
Holy smokes! What an encounter! I see what you mean that you were eating bugs too.

From: Medicinemann

From: deerhaven
Great footage!!!!! Some of the best muskox video I have seen. Incredible to have gotten it on a phone.

From: MathewsMan
Jees, just in your footage there are a ton of bugs... That is one of the few things I'm not a big fan of in the outdoors-

From: TrapperKayak
Super! Good thing they weren't Cape Buffalo...

From: Stekewood
MathewsMan, The bugs on that trip were not terribly bad in general and most of the time weren't even noticeable. For some reason that particular spot where that bull was shot and Jamie took the video was unbelievably thick with them. They really didn't bite much but without a head net it could be pretty brutal.

From: PAstringking
Very cool video. They are really cool animals up close. I had some run past me at about 15 yards this spring and they move A LOT better in the snow than I do!!

From: SteveB
You may be the closest human ever to a live Muskox and live to tell about it! How cool was that!

From: Wayniac
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! That could've turned ugly.

From: Huntcell
That was prehistoric! >>>>--------->

Like the iceman waiting in ambush to thrust his spear or shoot his bow as they past!!! ~~~~~>

From: Mark Watkins
crazy cool!

way to "hang in there!"


From: bentshaft
Wow! That had to be a cool experience.

From: caribou77
Great video!!!!

From: Bou'bound
wow thanks for sharing

From: Sage Buffalo
One of the greatest videos of muskox I have ever seen.

From: JohnB
Thanks I missed it the first time, now maybe you can go to Spain and run with those bulls.

From: midwest

From: Drop tine
Thanks everyone. It was a pretty cool experience, I am glad it showed up in the video as well as it did.

From: stykman
That was so cool. Hoping I get some elk close in ID next month, but not that close.

From: iceman
Wow! Thanks for sharing

From: HerdManager
Wow!!!! New definition of "close"!

From: Scotty
Excellent....On my bucket list big time!

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