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Black bear shoulder height?
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Chris S 24-Jul-17
Bushwacker 24-Jul-17
MDW 24-Jul-17
maxracx 24-Jul-17
Chris S 25-Jul-17
Jim B 26-Jul-17
dittigke 03-Aug-17
From: Chris S
It's been about 8 years since my last bear hunt. I drew a WI tag this year and my baits getting pounded daily with a couple good boars. Last time I hunted Ontario they put surveyor tape on a couple trees at bait site noting that back height was a good indicator of a larger bear. For the life of me I can not remember the height they marked off. I see some of the outfitter bait site pics here with them or a t post anchored in ground at bait for refrence. So my question is what height is used for reference. Thanks

From: Bushwacker
I'm no expert, but we just got back from our first black bear hunt and the guys we hunted with have been doing it for a lot of years. They put out the T Posts and the top of the green is 32" as I recall and the top of the post is 36". So anything above the green was a shooter, anything above the post was a MONSTER!

From: MDW
Buddies up north place a limbo pole across the trails at 30 / 32" . If the pole pushes the hair down, consider shooting! Killed a considerable number of P&Y bears with that method.

From: maxracx
34-36 inches is the rule of thumb I always have been told.

From: Chris S
Thanks guys my guess was 34 so you substantiated my guess. Love the idea from MDW of a limbo stick. If it's back pushes up the horizontal branch grab the bow!!!

From: Jim B
They vary a little in leg length.32" is getting there,34" is a no-brainer.36" is unusually tall.If you have any small cedars or other conifers there,put a blaze from 34"-36".Bears will show interest in that blaze,at least here,on cedars they do,so if it's in a good spot,you can check his height and he should linger for a shot.

From: dittigke
not only pay attention to height but the length as well, nose to tail, i have hunted with a few outfitters that place a 5 foot and 6 foot log on the ground, even the biggest of sows will barely break the 5 foot mark, but a 6 foot boar, you need to be holding the bow

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