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How much clothing for Newfoundland?
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Martin Man 25-Jul-17
SixLomaz 25-Jul-17
bigeasygator 25-Jul-17
Sage Buffalo 25-Jul-17
Fuzzy 25-Jul-17
Alaska at heart 25-Jul-17
bb 25-Jul-17
Turkeyhunter 25-Jul-17
Buskill 25-Jul-17
Mathewsshootr2 25-Jul-17
safari 25-Jul-17
From: Martin Man
Hey guys I'm heading for Ironbound to hunt on September 14th. My question for those who have hunted the rock before is how many sets of clothes did you take? With it being that early in the season will I need anything real heavy?

Thanks, Jason

From: SixLomaz
Rubber boot X 2 pairs and Hansen rain gear. You will need it. Right now the average temperature on the rock is around 60 degrees F.

From: bigeasygator
I wouldn't think of it with respect to "how many" sets of clothing but "what types" of clothing you'll need.

It can definitely get cold that time of year on the Rock. I hunted last year in early October and we were blessed with just about all four seasons in a week period. With regards to how heavy a piece of clothing you'll need, it wouldn't hurt to have something like a packable puffy jacket in case things turn a bit cold. SixLomaz is right that you definitely need the rain gear. The best piece for me the week of hunting was the Sitka Traverse Cold Weather hoody. This was my outer garment 90% of the time. I'd typically layer it with a SS merino shirt and a LS merino shirt. For days that were colder I'd throw a regular Sitka Traverse on top of this before the Cold Weather hoody. This gave me a very versatile system that kept me comfortable in temperature ranges from 20-80 degrees. The Cold Weather hoody is a little bulkier and not as packable as a puffy, but the overall system was very comfortable to wear and by no means would I call it bulky at all. The only piece I tend to bring multiple numbers of are my base layers and socks.

From: Sage Buffalo
Watch the weather closely and have everything from cold to warm ready. Then the day before pack.

I was there one year where temps were mid-70s all week. That sucked. I was prepared but didn't need heavy clothing at all.

The last trip it was mild in October with temps in the 50s/60s.

Both trips the temps held true to forecast.

Obviously always have rain gear.

From: Fuzzy
bigeasygator has it right, I always pack "too much" but it's because I want to cover weather extremes.

I saved and traveled there in 2005 for an archery moose hunt with a few hunting friends. We packed for all conditions and ended up wearing just our lightweight clothing. It was so warm ended up washing my clothes in the lake in front of the lodge at lunch and they were dry for the evening hunt. Not what I anticipated, but we made due.

From: bb
There's no one answer for what to bring. There can be snow and it can also be 80*, If a hurricane comes up the east coast, they usually get it in NL. So you could have a day or two of tropical storm conditions, Hot humid temps with high winds and rain. Or you could have that without the tropical conditions. You pretty much have to prepare for all of it.

From: Turkeyhunter
Had snow September 14th two years ago in NF. Last year was 50-60 degrees. Weather changes by the hour over there. I will be in crossing on 13th or 14th as well. Good Luck.

From: Buskill
I'm going right after you Martin Man. I'm taking my Kuiu Yukon rain gear, a back up rain coat and pretty much all wool after that . Rubber boots ( I just ordered ) and a back up pair of boots and gaiters in case the rubber ones are killing me . Also packing leukotape in case hot spots arise.

We had a stove in our cabin dried our stuff every night

From: safari
Are you driving or flying. If driving bring it all. If flying bring a bit of each. You never know what you will get in Nfld.

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