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New to this forum and giving it a shot. I live in MN and plan on going bow hunting for whitetail on opener. I also have a mule deer/whitetail trip planed in SD about a month after MN bow opener. I was wondering if I fill my bow tag in MN if that will affect my SD hunting trip by not being able to shoot another deer. Any input would be great. Thanks!

From: Huntcell
WHAT? Mn tag is one tag . SD tag is another tag. Completely separate. Have nothing to do with each other. Get tags in ND and Wi. Also Fill'em all!


From: WapitiBob
He needs to start somewhere...

Welcome to the Forum, and no, each state's tag(s) are a separate entity with regulations set by each of those states.

From: XMan
Hi Trevor,

Welcome to the site! Unfortunately, each state requires you to purchase a separate state license and they all have their own set of laws and season dates. Spend some time on each states website, lots of details and information on state lands open to hunting and all the regulations we need to know.

Good luck this year.

From: W
One of the reasons to hunt another state is the increased opportunity. Make sure you tag the animals per state law in each state.

From: greg simon
How many arrows do you have?

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