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Awesome mule deer above treeline video!
Mule Deer
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From: Treeline

Treeline's Link
To get the blood pumping for you guys headed up the hill for mule deer...


From: drycreek
Disappointing that it's a Mathews commercial.

From: Brotsky
Great video Treeline! Got me excited for September for sure!

From: sticksender
Very nice....those boys got 'er done!

From: yooper89
Awesome video. I can't wait to get out and chase elk around next month!

From: Stoneman
Treeline - you are right in there when it comes to high mountain mule deer. Cool vid & Great scenery!

From: Treeline
Drycreek, not sure why who made it is such an issue. They did a great job with the video footage.

I was impressed that they put it together including the misses and only success of 1 out of the 3 hunters for those mule deer. All 3 of those guys are very accomplished bowhunters with top of the line gear and support. Shows a little of how difficult it is to be successful on these bucks.

From: Chasewild
As if friday couldn't get any more distracting.

From: Bullhound
Great video!

From: coelker
I watched the entire thing twice. Never noticed anything but a good video.

From: Mule Power
I have the points to hunt great units in both Wyoming and Colorado. That video gets me fired up. But I can't seem to choose deer hunting over elk! So I'll keep buying points for now I guess.

From: midwest
Watched half of it at work today during lunch. Going to have to finish it later. High quality vid in some beautiful Colorado high country!

From: drycreek
Treeline, I'm not detracting from the video. I can't because I didn't watch it. No disrespect intended, I just thought it was gonna be video you shot while scouting. I was somewhat surprised to see it was a bow company promo. Should have just moved on and not commented. My apoligies.

From: Kurt
It is about as much of a bow company video as a ball game that have players wearing jerseys or shoes with Nike logos (doesn't detract from the hunts in my opinion). Heck of a good video of high country Colorado mule deer hunting as well as NE NV elk hunt. Treeline, thanks for posting!

From: Treeline
I was also impressed with the video showing how hard they had to hunt to get a good bull. The hunters were super excited with the bull that they shot and it was a great bull, beautiful bull, but not a high scoring bull.

The video did a great job across the board showing the highs and lows of two fabulous bow hunts.

Much better than some of the quickie videos of some guy shooting a great animal and making it look easy.

I probably would not have shared it here if it had been 3 guys whacking three 200" mule deer followed by one of the guys shooting a 380" bull.

There are a lot of subtle details on these hunts that illustrate the reality of spot and stalk hunting and what it really is all about.

From: Shrewski
Tavis, thanks for posting that. I had NO idea it was out there. It was super well done.

If I was Mathews and it was my "commercial" I sure would be pissed that the bugle company got more cred and product placement time than my bows.

Sure is the height of ignorance to comment so authoritatively on something one hasn't watched...

From: Brun
Excellent video. Thanks for sharing.

From: westslope
That was excellent, thank for posting this. Definitely gets me excited to chase Mule Deer bucks way up high this fall! Although I must say, I don't think I would be very happy to hear a drone buzzing out in the back country if I happened to be hunting the same area at the same time. Very cool video. Cheers.

Great video!! Love their vids!

Never got to drive to a location, above timberline, and glass/hunt from a truck........all of my adventures usually include a few miles of backpacking just to get into the area.

Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get... Ed F

From: Bowfinatic
Really cool video Very tastefully done getting me jacked for next month elk/mulie combo hunt in NM.

From: Smtn10PT
Oh man, that was an awesome video, I cant believe I missed this post when it first came up!

great video, and on the mulie part, that seemed like a great unit - excellent opportunities to glass.

any idea about how many points it takes to draw a unit like that in CO?

Awesome video!

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