Leftover Watch - Colorado Draw
The Linguist - by Sitka -- INCREDIBLE
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From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
The Linguist is a new short film by Sitka that brings you through intense visual imagery on calling Elk - but also pays tribute to the pioneers of elk calling. Fantastic.
Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
The Linguist is a new short film by Sitka that brings you through intense visual imagery on calling Elk - but also pays tribute to the pioneers of elk calling. Fantastic.

Pat Lefemine's Link
If you love elk hunting, then this 30 minute short film is for you. In typical Sitka fashion, the imagery, story, and tribute to the pioneers of elk hunting is classy and exceptionally well done.

Hit the link above to watch the video

From: Willieboat
I happened across this last night...really cool !

From: jstephens61
Watched it this morning. Great footage and interviews with the pioneers of the calling industry.

From: Cowhand
Great movie!! Hats off to the pioneers of elk calling!

From: Native Okie
Great stuff!

From: jordanathome

From: Shrewski
Great mix of true legends of old and for sure some of the new.

Well done!

Linking the generational elk hunting path this video took is the best I can recall. Acknowledging these elk calling pioneers was very proper and deserving. Great men they are.

Many of us Dads were fortunate to pass the bowhunting passion on to our kids but few of us were able to document the events as well as you did. Well done Corey you are fine Son and Dad! C

From: Paul@thefort
Right on time as the Colorado bow elk season is just 26 days away. I have had the pleasure of meeting all of the "old timers" over the years and the passion for the hunt still burns strong in them. God bless each one of them for their contribution. my best, Paul

From: Trial153
The direction Sitka has taken with the company is just fantastic. Such a contrast to other players in the industry. Excellent!

Great video, truly enjoyed it. Thx

From: APauls
Yes the video is just outstanding. Wasn't someone just complaining about the outdoor TV?? ;)

Thanks for posting . To me that video is everything elk hunting is. I loved it. I have had the pleasure of meeting all those guys In the video and can say they shape me into the elk hunter I am today. Bring on September . Best of luck guys. Hunt

From: Medicinemann
A great tribute of the pioneers. I watched the video of Isaac shooting his bull about five times......great video

From: Glunt@work
Very nice! My buddies and I wore out Elk Fever on VHS. This is a really great short film.

From: Old School
Nothing short of great! Thanks for putting that together!


From: SBH
Corey's kid killing that freak bull......brought a tear to my eye. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

From: hobbes
That is a really great video.

From: midwest
SBH, I was about to say the same.....choked me up.

The whole thing gave me goosebumps.

From: Spookinelk
What a great tribute to Will, Wayne, Rocky and Larry! Larry's videos were where it all started for me. I saw Elk fever at my uncles house when I was about 17. I also pretty much copied Larry's recurve shooting style from watching his videos and reading his articles.

From: Z Barebow
Just watched it. If this doesn't inspire you to go bowhunting elk, you need your pulse checked. Awesome!

From: El Je-bow
i agree with SBH , it choked me up. simply beautiful

From: JLS
Watched it this morning. Simply outstanding.

That video is really well done, awesome!

From: 78cj5
Saw the Randy Newberg podcast on this and could hardly wait to see it. I wrote to Sitka to thank them for putting this on. Very powerful and moving. When it seems like hunting is becoming more about inches and likes on social media this shows how I feel about hunting, the adventure is worth more than the kill. Helping others and passing on the hunting heritage is what it should be about.

What a great video! Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing this.

Very nice history lesson.

From: otcWill
Speechless. What a spectacular representation of what I love most.

From: ElkNut1
Can't wait to watch it! Now I just have to find 30 minutes! (grin)


Lot of good people involved here. No surprise that the final product was truly inspiring...

From: T-Rex
That was awesome!

From: yooper89
What an awesome video. Corey is a hell of a guy, and watching his son take that bull gave me absolute chills. I can't wait for my son to be old enough to hunt with me.

From: LesWelch
Now follow up "The Linguists" with the Gritty Bowmen podcast Episode #266. They talk about the Sitka film......it's awesome!

From: GBTG
Awesome tribute to those involved for sure! Just have to throw one more name to my personal thank you list although not a call manufacturer.... Mike Lapinski the first I knew that talked about getting in close to make it happen. His videos were a hoot!

From: Barty1970
Epic. Abso-frickin-lutely EPIC. Kudos to Sitka and all the great elk callers...each of these legendary elk callers warrants a two hour documentary in their own right

Fantastic film. Makes me want go out and buy an OTC tag even though I don't have vacation time. Inspiring.

From: IKE220
Absolutely Awesome!! The only problem is it is not longer. Could be a 4 part mini series. Well done!!

From: Owl
One of my favorite videos back in the day was Wayne's "Calling Bears."

From: Brotsky
An amazing piece of artwork by Cana and Corey. Outstanding in every way. I've watched it over and over! Thank you for bringing us this piece of history! Is it September yet?

From: MarkU
Very well done. Years ago, when we could hunt elk anywhere we wanted in Idaho, my buddy and I would pick an area and backpack in for a week, just to see new country. We found this great spot one year, and went back the next. After about a week, we started seeing strange looking hoof prints on the trails, and the tracks of some guy with size 14 boots. One day my buddy was heading back to camp and walked into another camp and it was Larry, Dwight and Jay, making the movie Elk Fever. They were in our spot, but since we had been there for a week, all they were finding were our tracks everywhere they went. They called us "those damn backpackers". We got llamas the next year.

That was really good.

From: Russell
Larry D. is quite the fisherman too, but don't let me try and help him land any from a boat.

From: Crusader dad
Very cool! The highlight for me was watching his son kill that elk. It doesn't get any better than that.

From: 6x6 bull

From: Bowfreak
I loved it. It was perfectly put together. Not overly dramatized "mud puddle splashing." Just phenomenal content and story.

From: elkmtngear
Best 30 minutes I've spent in a while...nicely done, Corey (et al).

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: lunatic
Enjoyed it ! Thanks Pat !!

From: Tody
Watched it twice last night. Can't hunt elk this year but for a moment it felt like I did. Good luck to all this fall. Great video!!!

Great film Corey!

From: SteveB
Loved it!

From: W8N4RUT
Awesome. We share a great sport that most wouldn't understand until they lived it.

Nothing like an elk hunt.


From: Ron Niziolek
Such a great piece of work by all involved. Loved every minute!

Great...... Just when I had resigned myself to not elk hunting in September this year...... Now I may have to change my plans....... LOL

From: buc i 313
Thoroughly enjoyable and informative.

Very well produced .

From: drycreek
I saved this for a rainy day watch, or just when I had the time. It was great ! I'm not an elk hunter, but I'm an avid elk hunter watcher ! It included some of my favorite people too, Larry D. ,Dwight Schuh, and Will Primos. Win, win, win !

Thanks for putting this up Pat, it was thoroughly enjoyable !

From: Bullhound
now that was worth watching!!

From: Nesser
Really great...enjoyed it and those are all legends including Corey and his son ??

From: loopmtz

From: Gene
Corey is the man! Loved the video and will watch it again and again! It's all about the hunt and those amazing bowhunters in the early days. Makes me wish that I was in high country right now.

From: bohuntr
That was incredible! We need more quality video productions that represent the essence of hunting in a respectful manner, like this video. There has been a thread about outdoor tv recently and I agree with many of the comments. There are a few that I believe are good but many that I don't appreciate being associated with as a respectful, ethical hunter. If all hunting videos and productions had this sort of quality it would be wonderful and would put us as hunters in a much better light with the general public that are neither anti hunters or hunters. That is the group that will most likely influence our fate in the future.

From: jordanathome
Best elk vid ever

When the young boy saw his elk on the ground it gave me chills! Just a GREAT moment caught on video... love it!

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