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From: hitmanonmac
wondering where the best place to get a 50 gal plastic drum for bear bait? I see lots of guys use them and thought it might be best to do the same.

Car washes get a lot of their soaps in plastic drums.

From: spike buck

spike buck's embedded Photo
spike buck's embedded Photo
You can get a barrel full of bait, which comes with a locking ring. Get 3 barrels of bait you have 3 plastic bait barrels. Cambridge MN.

From: Drahthaar
Get 55 gal metal barrel, will last longer. You will have to look around. Forrest

From: Pig Doc
hitman, I see you are from MN. Not legal to use bait barrels for baiting in MN.

From: Grubby
Not true, you can use barrels on private property.

From: TEmbry
Maybe it's because of all the aviation in the area, or being close to a huge shipping port... but barrels seemingly grow on trees around here. I have 6 barrels left that haven't been destroyed yet. I'm not entirely sure metal lasts any longer though, Once smashed, they are done, plastic can be popped back out a lot of the time. I guess up here it's a lot different with 9 ft brown bears visiting the same site however.

From: Pig Doc
You are correct Grubby. However, over 90% of the baiting in MN is on public land and barrels are not legal there.

From: hitmanonmac
I am on private and was told that I can use Barrels. I am a first timer and want to make sure I am legal. Are you 100% sure I can use them on private land?

From: bigdog21
yes you can use bait barrel must be marked and anchored to tree

From: kbbgood
Believe it or not I bot a few of the blue plastic barrels and they had left over bbq sause in them.

From: Buffalo1
Try a junk (scrap) yard.

From: TravisScott
A lot ofwater treatment facilities have a ton of them that they throw away or recycle.

From: kellyharris
Rural king sells 55 gallon steal barrels

From: Franklin
Try Craigslist....they are on there like "weeds".

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