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Rut for Lopes?
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RD 03-Aug-17
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coelker 04-Aug-17
Glunt@work 04-Aug-17
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From: coelker
So I picked up a left over archery tag for lopes in NW Colorado.

When will they be rutting? Tag is Aug. 15 to Sept. 20 I believe.

Will decoying work? If so a female or immature buck be better for bringing in a mature buck?

I've always thought the last week of Sept. was the best for the rut so closer to Sept. 20th would be better in my opinion. Good luck.

From: RD
Never hunted Co but Wyoming and So Dak several years and found them to get started anytime after Sep 15 with the peak 20-25. I use full bodied doe decoys.

From: drycreek
Second the middle of September. Never used a doe deke, just a small buck. I can say this, if you ever bring a buck charging in to kick your deke's ass, it will be the most fun you have ever had while antelope hunting !

From: coelker
Ok. I was curious. I hope to have one killed earlier. I managed a good buck on my first antelope stalk with a bow like 10 years ago. Hope to repeat this fall. Hope I find some private to hunt.

From: Glunt@work
The most intense day of rutting I ever witnessed was the first week of October in NE Colorado. Later in bow season is generally better but like elk, if you catch the right one in the right mood it can work any time.

From: tobinsghost
Drycreek X2!

I'm still not sure where arrow went?!?

From: Knothead
I hunted Wyoming back in 2011 and the rut was very intense on Oct. 1st and 2nd.

From: Bigjay73
Was driving 285 by Fairplay Saturday and saw a lot of rutting activity. Early, I know, but it was pretty obvious.

From: CJE
Last year in eastern Colorado the rut was really going hard the first weekend in October. I would try your last available archery weekend.

As for a decoy, I used a buck decoy a couple years ago with mixed results, but that was at the start of archery season when the rut hadn't really started yet. Give it a try, ya never know what buck is gonna want to try and run you into the next county.

From: Windwalker
I think a buck decoy is best. The best week is the 3rd week in September for the rut.

From: BB iPhone
I have hunted antelope in the rut a few times and I think Sept. 25th To Oct. 2 will basically take in the heat of the rut. It's decent from about Sept 15th but by the dates I mentioned above it really kicks in into full swing.

But much after Oct . 3 thing change fast in the opposite direction. Pro Gabor. Rut ends very fast. I have never seen the back end taper off!

And knothead I am surprised you even realize antelope have a rut as youvshot your the first hour of your hunt and then slept through rut! HaHa. I still have a photo I can post should you desire to have me post it!

From: Bowfreak
BB is full of crap and never hunted antelope. Just a warning for those if you that might listen to him. :)

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