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HELP! My water hole has doubled in size
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From: aboks
Went to set up my blind for my upcoming pronghorn tag and the waterhole I had scouted has doubled in size. Any suggestions on how to keep the speed goats from using the far end of the pond. Thanks!

Flagging tape

From: GhostBird
I remember someone recommended putting 2-3 duck decoys on the far end and that the goats will shy away from the decoys. Don't know if it works... but it sounded good.

From: smarba
Put your blind on a floating island!

Seriously, though, the tracks should indicated where the animals prefer to drink. Although placing your blind (assuming it's not up yet?) could cause them to alter their pattern.

How about putting one popup at the end you don't want them to come to. Just bare & exposed right at the water. Then at your end, brush the heck out of your blind and make it as subtle as possible?

From: Sage Buffalo
That's a tough one - some guys put up string to guide them, the duck decoys I have never done but sounds smart.

The big question is - are there new waterholes now too?

From: Scar Finga
send me the coordinates and I will check it out and get back to you!

From: cnelk
You could always practice shooting further? JK :)

From: LKH
If there aren't cattle, buy some step-in electric posts and put up flagging as though it is fence. Cheapest and easiest buy. You need 3 rows. Don't try this with cattle.

From: drycreek
Yeah, cattle will eat the flagging and crap on your setup. If there are cattle, you're already gonna have your hands full just saving your blind from the dumb suckers. A couple years ago we put up some wooden survey stakes that were old and unused, put some fresh flagging tape on them at one end of a water hole but it didn't faze the goats. They watered there anyway.

From: RD in WI
SCUBA gear might be in order. Seriously, sorry to hear that your watering hole is growing.

From: t-roy
Can you legally use an electric fence for this purpose? If so, you can buy a small battery powered fencer for less than $100. The cattle sure won't mess with it.

From: newt
Carl, smarba, has the answer! Listen to him and get your goat.

From: Ucsdryder
I'm more worried about all this rain!!!

From: aboks
No cattle to worry about where im hunting, just rain!

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