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what to wear?
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hitmanatgym 09-Aug-17
carcus 09-Aug-17
Brotsky 09-Aug-17
No Mercy 09-Aug-17
Charlie Rehor 09-Aug-17
Butternut40 09-Aug-17
From: hitmanatgym
So I am a first time fall bear hunter. I have a friend coming up from Florida to Minnesota to join me. Obviously, I will have all my gear and lots of choices of outfits to wear. Jeff on the other hand will be limited. I am hoping to get some insight from some of the experienced bear hunters on what he should bring/ purchase to wear. Also, what are some things that I might not think of ?


From: carcus
Thermacell, rain gear, warm weather clothing, and a warmer jacket incase it cools off

From: Brotsky
Carcus +1. That is all he needs, maybe a head net if black flies or gnats are an issue.

From: No Mercy
Yep-Carcus and Brotsky are exactly right.

Fall bear? Bugs bad in MN?

From: Butternut40
What Carcus said. Deer flies should/will be gone by the opener. Mosquitos will probably be bad. Don't forget the thermacell.

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