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Another Nationwide EcoNazi Group
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From: DL

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They want to stop bear hunting Nation Wide

From: JTV
joined at the hip with HSUS/PETA no doubt ....and this is for sure a left wing organization where most of their members are democrats ......

From: JL
These extremist groups are small but often successful because they organize better than pro-hunting groups and are proactive. Hunting groups IMO tend to be reactive, not proactive. This extremist group says on their website they use the media to push their agenda. It would be nice if the pro-hunting celebs on the Sportsman Channel and Outdoor Channel would organize and fight these animal rights extremists. Outside of Uncle Ted, I can't think of too many hunting celebs who use their celeb status platform to promote hunting and conservation thru hunting. Sure they might say something at a sportsman show or maybe a hunting magazine, but when was the last time you seen one of them on a prime time cable TV news channel advocating issues that affect sportsmen and women?

From: Brotsky
JL, a lot of the hunting celebs are only interested in promoting themselves and whatever product pays them the most unfortunately. We have a lot of people out there who could be amazing advocates for our sport who pass on the opportunity.

From: longbeard
JL you are correct about Uncle Ted, about the only other guy that has anything to say regarding these type of issues on his show is Jim Shockey

From: Deertick
I think JL meant "celebs who hunt" not "hunting celebs".

From: HDE
That's because the anti's understand the power of the lobbyist...

They put their personal beliefs on hold in order to accomplish the big picture goal.

From: Skippy
Until we pull together we can never win together. To many people worry about crossbows,broadheads, baiting the list goes on and on! We must be united first.

Hollyweird backs a bunch of these groups.

From: Pi
And the Liberal Left Political class backs them. Some on the right too but the whole darn bunch on the left have this going on .

From: JL
Deertick, I'm talking about the folks who have shows on these channels. I would consider them hunting celebs by my definition. One would think as these vocal extremist groups get certain types of hunting outlawed, there might not be much left for the celebs to film their shows.

Say what you want about him, but that is one thing I like about Uncle Ted....he is very knowledgeable on the issues and will return incoming fire with vigor. Folks assuming the role would have to be good public speakers, a good TV presence, extremely knowledgeable of wildlife management and conservation, thick-skinned and willing to fire back at the misinformation and faux emotion these extremist, animal rights groups peddle. Right now I don't see too many hunting celebs who have that type A personality and fire in the belly to go after these extremist groups head on. Brian "Pigman" Quaca maybe.

Recall a couple-three years back when the Harrisburg Sportsman's Show management banned vendors of "black weapons" from showcasing their wares at the show. Sportsmen/women and celebs of all stripes came together and protested the show's management and backed out of the show in a sign of solidarity. That made national news and was a good thing. That is the type of high profile, proactive approach and solidarity that should be taking place to expose and fight the anti-hunting extremists.

From: drycreek
Maybe something like the " I am the NRA " spots that were on tv a couple years ago. I thought that was a good idea and well carried out.

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