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Axe in my pack worth the weight?
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huntnfish808 10-Aug-17
Mossyhorn 10-Aug-17
elkmtngear 10-Aug-17
Franzen 10-Aug-17
Fulldraw1972 10-Aug-17
Glunt@work 10-Aug-17
Bowfreak 10-Aug-17
Surfbow 10-Aug-17
ground hunter 10-Aug-17
Scoot 10-Aug-17
huntnfish808 10-Aug-17
Linecutter 10-Aug-17
Cheesehead Mike 10-Aug-17
ohiohunter 10-Aug-17
Vonfoust 10-Aug-17
stealthycat 10-Aug-17
Ucsdryder 10-Aug-17
DonVathome 10-Aug-17
oldgoat 10-Aug-17
Kodiak 10-Aug-17
jordanathome 10-Aug-17
Rut Nut 11-Aug-17
PECO 11-Aug-17
Jaquomo 11-Aug-17
ElkNut1 11-Aug-17
DanaC 11-Aug-17
Beendare 12-Aug-17
TD 12-Aug-17
Mule Power 14-Aug-17
From: huntnfish808
I'm thinking of adding an axe to my bivy setup. Does anyone use one and if so how essential would you consider it? Seems like a lot of weight. If so what brand do you use (and how much does it weigh) I've never brought one before. My current setup is about 55-60#. I can usually "get by" with a knife and my small hand saw.

From: Mossyhorn
I wouldn't even consider it to be honest. Not sure what I'd even need one for on a back pack hunt.

From: elkmtngear
No Way

From: Franzen
I hope your bivy setup is not 55 or 60 lbs. No way, no how. If you are talking spike camp, okay. I've taken an axe (hatchet) to spike camp before and found it not to be worthwhile. I would only consider it where there is increased risk (there is always some small risk) that I am going to be trapped out in the wilderness for some time.

From: Fulldraw1972
Heck I wouldn't even bring the hand saw let alone the hatchet.

From: Glunt@work
Handy around a truck camp but the "weight to handy" ratio doesn't work for backpacking.

From: Bowfreak
If you want to carry your laptop with you I say carry it. Its up to you if something is important enough to put in your pack.

From: Surfbow
Why? What would you do with an axe that you can't do with your hand saw and a good knife?

I carry a small axe (Marble) but only back in the UP, because it was a gift..... Elk hunting I carry one knife,,,,,,, Knives of Alaska Cleaver, it does it all,,,,,,,

If you bivy I would consider my pack to weigh in at 35 lbs

From: Scoot
Base camp or horse camp- yes. Bivy camp- nope.

From: huntnfish808
Haha, ok message received. No axe. I use "bivy setup" as a generic term for hunting out of my pack for 5 days-with a tent. My brother brought an axe on a 3 day backpack trip and it did come in handy but I was worried about the weight. I've gotten by without it for years so was just curious. I also saw a video of a guy that packed one.

From: Linecutter
I would not consider a axe. Hatchet, tomahawk cold steel pipehawk, or the CRKT hawk with the hammer poll would be a better choice. Tomahawk can be broken down for easier carry and the blade can be used for skinning. Or a longer blade knife to baton through wood if you need to split wood or make kindling. DANNY

If I brought an axe I probably wouldn't have room for my shovel or folding table...

I just pack all my firewood in so I don't need an axe ;^)

From: ohiohunter
If you don't mind the weight then by all means go for it, its not going to make or break your hunt, as you've pointed out it does make things a little more comfortable. Who are we to tell you what you should or shouldn't have in your pack.

From: Vonfoust
I was wondering if a fullsize toothbrush was worth the weight or could I get away with cutting it in half. If you are even considering carrying an axe you are more man than me:)

From: stealthycat
what would you need an axe for ?

From: Ucsdryder
I don't bring a toothbrush. Chew on pine needles. I also reuse my toilet paper. It's really helped with my weight savings.

From: DonVathome
I never take one. Wish I had it a few times (rare) but not enough to take it next time!

From: oldgoat
No, sounds like a good idea but it isn't. Like said, if you're headed out to survive for a month or too, maybe, but then I'd probably carry a small axe instead. I have used small saws before, but I could probably have gotten by quite well without it. And unless you're a very strong dude, that pack is really heavy for bivy hunting!

From: Kodiak
I like to bring my piano.

From: jordanathome

jordanathome's embedded Photo
jordanathome's embedded Photo
Paul Bunyan? Truck camping....sure. Backpacking.......hell to the no. If you really need a way to cut a tree or log.....take a pocket chain saw where you are the engine.

From: Rut Nut
Jordan beat me to it! That chainsaw is the best invention yet! I keep that little tin in my backpack.(about the size of a Skoal tin) When others see the stack of neatly(and quickly) cut wood next to our fire they always ask where is the bow saw? ;-)

From: PECO
I carry knapping tools and make one if I need one.

From: Jaquomo
Mike, way back in the day several of us were backpacking into a wilderness and one newbie was really struggling. He was packing a giant frame pack, stuffed full.

After about 5 miles we asked what all he had in there for a three day trip. "Firewood", he said. He figured since we would be above timberline he would need to carry it in. Split and stuffed into the pack bag. The only other things he had for the trip were a sleeping bag and a plastic sheet strapped to the pack frame, a plate and a cup and utensils.

An axe would have been much simpler.

From: ElkNut1
In over 40 years of chasing elk I've not packed an axe as of yet so I'll vote no you do not need one!


From: DanaC
Small folding saw cuts anything I need while hunting. Weighs little. Hammering with an axe? Screw that! I've cut a lot of 3D trails with a bow saw, folding saw and lopping shears. I go *around* the big stuff ;-)

From: Beendare
OP, You mean a hatchet right?

we are extremely limited in weight on our DIY drop camp moose hunt [50# each] but I'm bringing my Gerber 1.5# hatchet....pretty versatile piece of gear

From: TD
Geez Bruce, if you weren't such a big guy you'd be able to take a 100 lbs in the plane..... =D

From: Mule Power
For what?

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