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BC Moose Gear Recommendations
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bbates 10-Aug-17
From: bbates

I know its a good ways out but i wanted to get some thoughts on proper gear and set up for my moose hunt.

I will be with Sikanni River Outfitters for a Late Sept/Early October Moose and Bison Combo.

Boots? Do i need the high pac style boots? I have a pair of Lowa Tibets only leather boots i own everything else is synthetic.

Pants ...i pretty much have everything Kuiu owns minus the Yukon Pants, would these be a good choice to add and possibly wear as my pants or are they going to be too noisy. i love my yukon jacket. i have the attacks and chugach as well. and might need to add the guides to the mix.

Bow set up, i am currently shooting a Hoyt CD 34 72lb and 28.5 in draw. Going to get new strings on it after this season. i am going to probably end up using the 250 Black Eagle Spartan Arrows, add the 75g weights and then run a 100g Ironwill broadhead.

My thoughts for that are that these 250 will be my moose and bison arrows then i will go back to my 300 spartans with the lighter brass weight and still use the 100g broadheads for my other hunting, i think that set up is around 440 to 450 g. and my 250 set up should be 500-520g

will that work? Will i need a back up bow?

any other thoughts or recommendation... super excited and looking forward to it.

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