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Hunter traffic CO Grand Mesa?
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glunker 11-Aug-17
mountainman 11-Aug-17
Jethro 11-Aug-17
Gadjet 11-Aug-17
Forest bows 12-Aug-17
PMcGee 12-Aug-17
glunker 13-Aug-17
White Falcon 13-Aug-17
From: glunker
I am trying to anticipate the level of elk hunter activity while I am doing an archery moose hunt south of Glenwood Springs. I am not going to elk hunt but am wondering if I cannot get there until the 2nd day of the muzzle loader season what will I have for camping sites. I understand as an otc elk area it is heavily hunted. I know they have shot moose in the Porter MTN area and the map shows good access with plenty of ATV trails. How heavy is the traffic day 9/10-9/24?

From: mountainman
I hunt the grand mesa area on occasion. I usually run into 2-4 other hunters where I go in. Always see the most on the weekends. But the area I hunt, you cant get quads in there. Foot only or a horse depending on the direction you come. Although I avoid muzzy season so my numbers may not help you much.

From: Jethro
Was at Grand Mesa(western side) in 2013 and 2014 during the muzzy season. There was noticeably more people and camps that 2nd trip and the traffic certainly peaks day or 2 before muzzy starts. Not so much that there was nowhere to set up camp though. Anywhere that has good atv access is going to be busy as road travel by truck and atv is an everyday/all day event. We found that 1/2 to 3/4 mile off road separated us from most of the traffic, but not all. Wherever we were we were not surprised to see others and often did. We did not kill, but should have. Did not see any moose either year.

From: Gadjet
Just curious glunker, which unit is your moose tag for?

From: Forest bows
I'm in New Castle if you need help!

From: PMcGee
If it's anything like last year expect to see a lot of hunters. Most of them just drive around on their ATV's though. It seem like more and more hunters are around every year.

From: glunker
Gadjet, my tag is moose unit 41, which is valid in units 41, 42, 52, 411, 421 and 521. Appears most of the moose hunting is east of the Vega Reservoir in 42, 421 and 521.

From: White Falcon
Love the Leon Lake area!!

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