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From: Pigsticker
I have bad shoulders and I am looking for easier draw cycle without degraded performance. I bought 50-60lb Matthews Creed about 5 years ago to drop the pull but the draw cycle kills my bow arm shoulder. I have a Matthews Dreamliner that I can comfortably shoot at 8 to 10lbs heavier.

I was thinking about an Elite and would appreciate any of your thoughts.

From: jjs
I have a Elite 35 that I bought in Jan16 do to shoulder elbow surgeries and other neurological issues and it is smooth and no back wall. Funny, I tried a Matthews and the first shot I dropped the bow, the shock on the nerve when let it off cause me to release the grip, the pro-shop owner wasn't to please and wanted me to go over to the x-bow, not going to happen. I dropped # on my recurve and find I shot it without much problem which I hardly shoot my Elite now, maybe when I no longer can be accurate with my recurve I'll have the Elite in the field, it is like shooting a rifle for accuracy but I just do not find the fun, maybe it is about 50 yrs of hunting with the recurve and enjoy the limitation in hunting with them. Heard good things about Forge bows also, may want to check it out, the 'golden years' are not so golden, nothing like youth.

From: bad karma
Since your problem is a bad shoulder, none of our opinions on what you should pull mean a thing. This is a put your car in gear and hit a few pro shops event, even if that's a day trip for you. I have a bad right shoulder, too, and some bows that I like, other's don't like.

From: ohiohunter
As said before I'd look into slower less violent cams. The hardest part of a bow on a shoulder is letting it down. The old mathews dxt, MQ's, and switchbacks would be of interest. Even an oneida

From: Buffalo1
Owner of 2 Elite Synergy bows here. Very happy with them and the draw cycle is easy on shoulders and neck (my 2 problem areas) Both bows set at 55#.

From: XbowfromNY
I have a bad separated shoulder, the Mathews HTX (no cam) felt the best for me.

From: longbeard
I am very happy with my Elite E32. Been shooting it since 2014

From: kota-man
Nothing that I've owned in the past draws smoother than an Elite Synergy.

From: SteveB
If you try a BowTech Carbon ICON you will own it.

From: Dyjack
I shot a pse drive lt that went from 40-60 after a labrum repair. It was smooth

From: drycreek
I have an E35 and a Synergy. The Synergy is a wee bit easier on the draw, but not much. Both are set at 58lb. I've never had a bow I liked more than these.

From: JeffMartin
Xpedition Xception. Smoothest drawing bow on the market IMHO

From: Pigsticker
Thanks for the feedback.

From: Dino
Hoyt's with the DFX 3 cam have a very smooth draw cycle

From: Pigsticker
Ended up with an Elite Tempo.

PSE evolve was really nice but I couldn't bring myself to go PSE.

From: Bowguy
Couple of the suggestions are very good. The Elites except for the impulse are very soft of the shoulders, the Mathews no cam is also really good. The Bowtechs with comfort cams are real nice and crazy accurate. Currently I am shooting a Reign 7. Main thing is besides smooth drawing is make sure bow isn't too long.

From: 12yards
If your shoulders are as bad as mine even Elites are going to hurt. You are still drawing 60 pounds and it hurts. I have two Elites right now, a Synergy and a GT500 and although they are both smooth drawing bows, they hurt at 60 pounds. I turned the GT down to 53 pounds and it is very doable there. I'm actually thinking about going to a 40-50 pound bow with a 6" brace to keep my performance up. I will be testing a lot of bows out this winter. Good luck to you!

From: Pigsticker
12yards, I am managing 56 with the Elite

From: Trial153
synergy. 2013 elite hunter. 2010.5 z28

From: Scotty
The new Bowtech Reign 6 on the comfort setting is awesome.

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