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Carrying your hunting license
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Inshart 11-Aug-17
tobinsghost 11-Aug-17
wyobullshooter 11-Aug-17
JTV 11-Aug-17
Orion 11-Aug-17
ruger 11-Aug-17
hobbes 11-Aug-17
IdyllwildArcher 11-Aug-17
WapitiBob 11-Aug-17
TheTone 11-Aug-17
LKH 11-Aug-17
jordanathome 11-Aug-17
Mossyhorn 11-Aug-17
DoorKnob 11-Aug-17
Aspen Ghost 11-Aug-17
kentuckbowhnter 11-Aug-17
Ucsdryder 11-Aug-17
Backpack Hunter 11-Aug-17
cnelk 11-Aug-17
jordanathome 12-Aug-17
OkieJ 12-Aug-17
Guardian Hunter 12-Aug-17
Charlie Rehor 12-Aug-17
PECO 12-Aug-17
Shawn 12-Aug-17
From: Inshart
Just curious as to how you carry your hunting license - other than "in your pocket".

For years I've put mine in a couple baggies, roll them around the arm of my quiver then tape in place.

From: tobinsghost
In my bino case in a zippered pouch or top pocket of my pack.

I've always carried mine in an inside zippered pocket in my backpack.

From: JTV
in my wallet, which is in a baggie to keep moisture out ... then in my rear pocket ..

From: Orion
Top pocket of my pack in a ziploc baggie, thinking about switching it to my bino harness because I often change packs and have forgotten it in the past, talk about angry, getting a mile into good elk country and having to turn back to grab it.

From: ruger
In the glove compartment of my truck, Almost got me in trouble once after I killed a ewe sheep and drove home, 150 miles forgetting to put a tag on it!

From: hobbes
I carry licenses in one of the plastic sleeves they give us at the counter then put that in a small compression sack that I consider my kill bag. The kill bag is stored in my backpack. It contains, licenses, knives, sharpener, and parachute cord.

In a zip lock bag in my backpack.

From: WapitiBob
in my kill kit

From: TheTone
Plastic sleeve/license holder, then inside a ziplock bag inside my kill kit

From: LKH
In Montana you almost need a backpack to carry everything.

From: jordanathome
Pretty sure most states require you carry your license on your person while hunting, in CO I believe you need proof of hunters education as well unless exempt. I carry it all with my wallet in a ziplock in my pack or jacket.

From: Mossyhorn
Ziplock bag in a zippered pouch in my pack.

From: DoorKnob
Mostly hunt out back of the house and only carry tags.

From: Aspen Ghost

ziplock in backpack

From: Ucsdryder
Ziplock in pack.

In my kill kit that is inside of my backpack.

From: cnelk
Jordanathome If your license says Verified on it you don't have to carry your hunters ed card.

From: jordanathome
You know folks are bored and running out of things to do/say when we get this topic. LOL! Thanks Cnelk. I got my hunters ed in MO as a kid so I don't know if CO ever considered me verified or not.....will have to look at my license.....good to know.

From: OkieJ
If you bought a tag in CO they know you have hunter safety card.


Guardian Hunter's embedded Photo
Guardian Hunter's embedded Photo
This is a product we sell. They work great!

I carry a folder with regulations on me or in my vehicle for every State/Province I hunt and get familiar with basic regulations like tagging, transport and carrying your license.

For example in Colorado they will sell you a license online if you say you have Hunter Ed but as cnelk mentioned unless your license says "verified" your not legal unless you carry proof of hunter ed while in the field. EVERY state/province is different and I like being prepared. Conservation Officers quickly realize if you have your stuff in order or not and when prepared you will not have trouble. Good luck all!

From: PECO
Small game fishing combo in my wallet. Turkey and large game in my possibles bag or daypack. I carry a fine point sharpie and a few zip ties also. In Colorado, you have to take your Hunter Ed card to the CPW office to get verified. That may have changed.

From: Shawn
I rarely carry mine. I leave it in the truck or at the house. I have never had an issue with an encon officer or Conservation officer having an issue with that. On a pack hunt I carry mine in my kill kit in a plastic sleeve sealed inside a baggie. Shawn

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