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Bought the Alps Commander X......
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Jaquomo 13-Aug-17
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From: jordanathome

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I have a tried and true Kelty Cache Hauler external frame pack that I love along with the bag. The wear and tear on the kelty got me to thinking about a replacement that was internal framed. So I bought the Alps Commander X and have used it a few times scouting this year, including packing in camp using my Kelty Cache Hauler bag to manage my gear.

I'm pretty happy with the Commander X. Good fit and sits nicely. The belt pockets are actually forward enough and large enough to be useful. I can load it up or use it for a day pack. Load lifters are useful. Comes out of MO so as a native I like that aspect.

Anyone else using this packs.........experience?

I've used the ALPS traverse. Great pack for the money. I'm sure that pack is even better. Made for weight much more so than the traverse.

From: Dyjack
I've got the regular commander frame and bag for it. Not sure how similar they are..

But here's a quick review of the normal one..

I haven't used the bag because I hate how damn loud the pins clanking are.

But I've used the frame on several packouts.. the only complaint is I hate hate hate how the straps connect. I had the chest strap break off during a pack last year and ended up having to use paracord to tie it off.

Only other issue that I cannot stand is the clanking pins which makes it super hard to hunt with. Maybe if you swapped them for something more quiet it'd be viable.

From: Destroyer350
Looks like a good pack. I use the Commander and the Traverse. Like Dyjack said is the pins are soooooo noisy on the Commander so I just use it to pack in or pack an animal out. The Traverse is an awesome day pack for the money. Last year I took the 1st load of my elk out with the pack and packed out half of a mule deer buck in one trip. I was surprised at how much weight it could handle. If anyone is looking for a "budget" pack I would recommend looking at Alps.

From: Jaquomo
X2 for the Traverse X. Best hunting day pack I've ever used.

From: billygoat
Good to hear, just picked up a Traverse X. It reminded me of my buddy's Mystery Ranch, but I'm cheap.

From: Jaquomo
The Traverse X has a spot made for a clip holster right behind the belt pouch. Don't even know it's there. Same with bear spray on the other side. Also has a meat shelf, rain cover built in, and a bow-rifle sling. Solid product.

Yes. If the original traverse had compressed as well as the new X pack does, I'd never bought a Kifaru. Instead, I'd kept it and bought a meat hauler instead. The traverse X works really well If you are looking for a great day pack that will bring out the first load of elk meat. Or, a whole deboned deer.

As far as the sternum strap coming off the cord, mine did that too. Just pop it back on. And, it isn't a design flaw. The only reason that sternum strap would ever be tight enough to pull that cord lock off the guide line, is because the pack torso length is fitted incorrectly. Because when fitted properly, it'll never need to be any tighter than snugged up. Took me a bit to figure that one out but, it's held true on every framed pack I've owned.

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