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Mathews No Cam HTX
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dg72a 14-Aug-17
XbowfromNY 14-Aug-17
ScottTigert 14-Aug-17
buckshideout 16-Aug-17
BOHUNTER09 17-Aug-17
From: dg72a
Anyone use one for whitetails, and what are your opinions? Thanks in advance.

From: XbowfromNY
I just bought this bow (my first compound) a few weeks ago. I was open to any bow, any price, but with my badly separated shoulder this one felt the smoothest of all the ones I tried (Mathews, Hoyt, Elite, PSE, Bowtech, etc.). I have no regrets so far.

From: ScottTigert
It's a great bow. I shot a No Cam and Halon last year. Bought a Halon Both shot the same. Halon is faster.

From: buckshideout
I have one for sale. Great bow just not comfortable for me. I like more brace height and longer ata.

I've use a xtx for three years. Love it. I picked up a PSE dream season for a backup. It's a nice bow, but not as pleasant to shoot as the xtx

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