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Backup bow, yea or nea
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Leaving at the end of September for a northern BC moose/elk hunt...This will be the biggest hunt I have ever done. Should I bring a backup bow? Is it feasible to bring along another bow given the travel and logistics? I could bring a takedown recurve, although I am far from great with it...It could serve as a serviceable bow if worse came to worse. Thoughts?

From: sticksender
Yes for peace of mind. And you can ship it up by Mail for pretty cheap. Give it 3-4 weeks to get there.

Very cheap insurance to bring bow #2. I never had to use my second but always brought it just in case.

From: Hawkeye
+1 Guardian Hunter

From: jdee
Send it up. What's another hundred bucks now ?

From: carcus
I would bring a spare, I always do

From: ryanrc
At the very least bring the recurve. I have brought mine on out of state hunts before that I drove to. I figured it would be meant to be if I had to use it and it didn't take up much room. If I were you, I would buy a cheap used bow that was all set up already. Sight it in and send it up there. Leave it there at the end of the trip. Like a $100 parker compound that would be more accurate for you than a recurve.

From: Pig Doc
Yes! Take a backup. I had a moose hunt ruined because I did not have a backup bow. Day 2 went back to camp for lunch and decided to take a couple of practice shots. First practice shot my bow came apart. Apparently I picked up a small branch between the cable and cam. Derailed the bow and damaged the cam. Sh!t happens - be prepared.

From: dkbs
Several years ago I drew an awesome elk tag. On the third evening of the hunt, I drew my bow back just to check if the peep still aligned properly and the lower limb broke. The next day I shot a big bull with my back up bow. I'd always taken one on out of state hunts and this was the only time I needed it. The hunt would've been over if I hadn't taken it.

From: Ace
Mike I have a Double Bow case if you want to borrow it. Big heavy aluminum one with wheels. I'm in CT and we could connect.

From: Shawn
I have taken my compound as a back up to my recurve and vice versa. I shoot either one pretty well so I always have a back up. Shawn

I've never had or used a backup bow.

From: greg simon
Without a backup bow your only backup will be your guides rifle. I take an extra bow.

From: razorhead
I would never go on any trip without a back up bow,,,, you casually say you could bring your recurve,,,, really, are you any good with it? If not, bring another compound,,, I mean look at what we spend on a hunt, especially the hunts we do not do every year, and your not going to have a back up?????????????????

You can pick up a extra compound , get it set up, just in case, and have some peace of mind........

My back up bow, at times was a recurve, one that I shot, just about 4 times a week year round,,,,,, get real, bring an extra bow,,,,, moose hunts are not cheap

otherwise, good luck, have fun,, and hope you score

From: Zackman
I vote for yea

Good luck!

From: Mark Watkins
Yes, for sure.....I've had to use mine twice. Leave the backup in base camp.

Don't leave home without it!


From: JTV
take one, if you dont you may be sorry .... a back up has saved me twice, and twice Ive killed good bucks after the main bow went down for one reason or another.... never could have done it if I didnt have a back up ready, tuned, sighted in and practiced with ... all I had to do was shoot it a dozen or so times to get the feel of it again, and I was set, it paid off..... two different model Bowtechs..

From: Jaquomo
Always, always, always on an expedition hunt. If you're hunting somewhere a half day drive from an archery shop, that's a different deal (but I always do anyway). But where you're going? Absolutely. With a compound, have it set up the same, shooting the same so you don't have to screw around with it. Even when I'm hunting trad I always take a backup takedown.

Yes. Stuff happens

I would. Good luck!

From: Pigsticker

From: venison

From: deerhaven
Yes! I never leave on a hunt without one. Never had to use it in over 30 years but it gives me a lot of comfort just knowing it's there. It also gives me a spare sight, rest, and other spare parts if I need them.

From: Bushwacker
Taking the advice of others, and after my daughter had bow issues in May on our bear hunt, I just recently purchased a back bow and it will be going with us to Africa next year.

From: kota-man
My back up bow came in handy on an African trip where the luggage goons crushed my main bow beyond recognition. Like someone drove over the case with a forklift damage.

I packed one bow in two different bags for my hunt this year and one of my bags did not show on-time. Luckily or unluckily we got weathered in, so my second bow showed up the next day. Didn't need two bows, but what if my second bow was my only bow?

I'll bring two bows forever now.

From: Bou'bound

From: 76aggie
Take a backup. You never know when you have to initiate Plan B.

From: Pig Doc
I'm leaving in 11 days for a CO elk hunt. As I posted above I would not do another expedition hunt without a backup bow. Toughest thing for me now is deciding which bow is the primary and which is the backup. I love my Matthews HTR but am actually shooting my EZ-7 better right now. I will shoot the heck out of both of them and decide on which one is the primary on the drive out. It's a good spot to be in.

From: mallardsx2
I never go on a trip without one. I even take a backup muzzleloader when I hunt with one of those.

From: jjs
Always, t/d recurve or longbow doesn't take much space up for the piece of mind.

From: Medicinemann
I have been on a bunch of extreme hunts....and I have used my backup bow four times. Though we refer to one of the two bows as a "back up" bow, make sure that you can shoot both of them very well. One of the four times I used my back up bow was for grizzly bear.....when confidence in my bow and my ability to use it was of paramount importance. It didn't bother me in the least bit to use it either.....because I shot it as much as my primary bow....

From: Hawkeye
Absolutely should bring a back-up...or Mr. Murphy will be guaranteed to show up in camp...;)

From: Ollie
It is doubtful that your compound arrows will fly out of your recurve so you would need to take some extra arrows matched for your recurve bow. Taking an extra bow/arrows is not a problem when driving to a hunt but is a major pain in the rear, and additional expense, when flying.

From: Medicinemann
I put both bows in an SKB double additional 6-8 pounds, no additional expense.

I always take two. I put one in th bottom of a Terra Guida and the other in a Tuffpak. With a little planning, I can split my gear so that I can hunt if either bag makes it. I have had to use a back up bow twice for mechanical issues and four times due to airline mishaps.

Good luck.

From: md5252
I always take a backup TD recurve. Arrows go in bow case with compound arrows.

No extra hassle at all and gives me peace of mind

From: glunker
You are just fine with one bow unless you need a second. Question basically answers itself. If you can take one then do it. Tom Hoffman mentions he takes a second bow to 3rd world hunts to let locals shoot to promote bowhunting, mostly human relations.

From: Swampy

From: Redheadtwo
Take a backup bow. Or do like I do-take your takedown recurve with extra limbs and an extra string.

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