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You have booked and fully paid for a Moose Hunt with Mikes Outfitting for this November. You're not feeling well and go to the Doctor only to find out you have the dreaded cancer. You are now in the battle of your life but what do you do with the hunt?

A fellow Bowsiter who wants to remain anonomous just had this decision and this is what he is doing.

He has decided to donate the hunt to a Combat Wounded, Purple Heart Recipient. He has been following our Wounded Warrior hunts on Bowsite and this is what he wants to do. He comes from a Military family and is 100% behind these Warriors.

Let us all step back for a moment, count our blessings here on Bowsite with this spectacular community and say a prayer for this fellow Bowsiter. God Bless you sir and THANKS!

PS: If you want to donate specifically to support this hunt see my second post below for the direct link. There are incidentals to getting the Hero Warrior up to Mike's! Thx!

Wow.......just wow. Unbelievably generous, and puts things in perspective very fast! A tip of my hat to this Bowsiter!

From: elkmtngear
Respect, and prayers!

Best Wishes, Jeff

From: Z Barebow
What a gesture! Further evidence that Bowsite has some of the best people on the planet.

From: Scar Finga
Prayers for him and his family! That was a very kind and generous thing to do!

God Bless!


From: ohiohunter
May he overcome and prevail and beat the disease into remission. Hats off to this gentleman.

From: Tgun46
Incredibly generous. Thoughts and prayers as he battles. Hopefully he can go on that hunt in the future.

God be with him in his battle with a dreaded disease, and God Bless him for this unbelievable gesture!

I would cancel the hunt. If a partial refund is available I would use it for potential medical expenses, simply shift my financial priorities. The decision really depends on one's financial abilities, health care coverage, and priorities in general.

From: Bullhound
very generous for sure. I'm pulling for him to kick that diseases ass!

This site does have some incredible people on it.

From: MathewsMan
Class act all the way

From: Ace
Charlie, that guy is a class act and I commend his actions and wish him well.

I suggest that we start a fund, whoever wants to can contribute to it (any amount) and when he feels up to it he can use the money to hunt wherever and whatever he wants. That can be Bowsiter's way of rewarding his selfless act, and hopefully, before long he'll be feeling up to a Grand Adventure.

What does everyone think?

From: Pat Lefemine
I don't know what's more heartwarming, the gesture itself of the fact this person isn't looking for recognition. The comment above about Bowsite having the highest quality hunting community is spot on. I could not be more proud of our visitor base and this person is definitely extra-special. I wish him the best with his difficult situation.


From: bowhunter55
Just lost my brother to cancer recently. Hopefully he can kick this thing. What a huge thing he's doing by donating his hunt. Prayers to him.

From: LBshooter
Counldn't have done any better tha. What he did, good for him. Hope the vet gets a nice one and prayers sent to the bowsiter.

From: happygolucky
What a tremendous gesture. I wish this hunter well in his battle with cancer. Great read here.

From: Blake Patton
Nothing but admiration for this anonymous patriot! Praying for victory in his fight with cancer! God Bless!

Hunting adventures seem small when we see our life impacted by cancer. I wish the person the best and admire his thinking of others while he is faced with this battle.

From: Pigsticker
WOW, Good for him! I would like to think that I would be that guy but my first thought was damn it I am going on that hunt!

From: iceman
Incredible. Best wishes for him.


Charlie Rehor's Link
As requested I have posted this direct link to support this specific hunt and I'm sure the donor is watching to follow along.

The link is which is the organization founded to take Combat Wounded, Purple Heart Recipients on hunting and fishing trips of their dreams. Thanks to all!

From: LKH
Will keep him in the prayers. I sure understand him doing this. By November he will hopefully be in recovery, but probably very weak. I hope he gets as much vicarious pleasure as possible from keeping track of the recipient.

From: Brotsky
What an incredibly generous act by someone who obviously deserves better than what they are facing. I'll be keeping our anonymous donor in my thoughts and prayers and wish him a speedy recovery. He certainly has karma on his side after this gift. God blesses the humble man.

From: Fuzzy
that's amazing

What a great thing to do! My hat is off to you sir, my family will be keeping you and your family in prayer. God bless and fight hard!

From: South Farm
Amazing! I hope he gets a backstrap out of the deal though!?

Awesome guy! Sending up prayers for him.

From: Rocking R
Wow, what an amazing gesture. God bless this man. Incredible.

Charlie, please keep us updated!

From: yooper89
Kick cancer's ass!

I'd gladly donate to a future-hunt fund for this man. What a selfless act during such a difficult time.

From: LBshooter
Counldn't have done any better tha. What he did, good for him. Hope the vet gets a nice one and prayers sent to the bowsiter.

From: Keef
God bless the donor, what a great guy. I'm wishing the best for him.

From: BC

From: Owl
I know a handful of men on this site that would fit the character of the donor. I pray God's will is for a full recovery whether or not I know you.

Great gesture! I wish him good luck in kicking cancers a$$!

From: Chris S
I've always been taught that God helps those that help others. I hope this is one of those cases and our prayers of admiration are answered. Well done sir. Thanks Charlie the story made me count my blessings this morning and remind me what to be thankful for.

From: Coyote 65
Had something similar happen, it wasn't me that had the cancer, but was my wife. She wanted me to go ahead and do the hunt, but she was in the midst of lots of travel to see doctors and there was no way I was going to let her go thru that alone.

I emailed the outfitter and offered to donate a hunt to a local kid, but he offered to postpone the hunt until this spring. Wife did the surgery, the chemo, the radiation, and this May we drove from AZ to Idaho for the spring bear hunt. She had finally grown about an inch of hair and didn't feel bad about going into town while I hunted bear. In all it was a good trip, a good hunt, and a good trip back home to a new house that was just being completed.


From: Drahthaar
Prayers from N.C. , hope the doctors can cure him. Forrest

From: stealthycat
as we all get older (I'm 48) ... we are 1 day away from out last day, 1 Dr appt from a bad diagnosis, 1 accident from having many troubles ahead

very honorable thing he did, I would love to see him recover, and some people band together, go fund me page and send the man on a moose hunt next year

I have a friend battling cancer right now. He and his doctors fully believe he will be hunting this fall. I know every prayer I make and every message I send is fully appreciated by him and helps him to fight a little harder. Hopefully all the prayers and messages we post on Bowsite will help this very generous person fight and beat cancer as well.

From: Zackman
I hope his/her fight against cancer is a successful one!

Great gesture. Good things happen to good people!

From: drycreek
God Bless him and prayers for his complete recovery. Thanks for the link Charlie, I'm going there now !

From: t-roy
Just buried a good friend and hunting buddy on Monday, that lost his battle with cancer (52 years old). Tomorrow is promised to no man.

What an amazing and unselfish gesture by this bowsiter! Prayers sent to them and their family. Hopefully they can beat this terrible disease.

Kudos to you as well,Charlie! Mike U. knew who the right man for this tuff task was!

I hope he fights it and beats it. Very nice gesture on his part regarding the hunt. Hope he gets to enjoy a hunt again some day.

From: ScottTigert
That was a very nice gesture. Prayers to him and his family.

From: Drop Tine
Prayers out to this fine gentleman.

Prayers to all battling cancer! Hate that stuff! Great gesture on his part and hope I never have to go through making that decision. Life isn't always fair:(


From: BigOk
Prayers sent.

Prayers sent for this gentleman and all involved. No

From: JohnB
Prayers sent to this awesome gentleman. What a great community we have here thanks Pat.

From: Proline
I've been in his boots and agree it's a great gesture but just plain want to wish him the best of luck! Keep positive! Cancer can be beat.

Mike from Mike's Outfitting here, the generous donor and wounded warrior deserve all the credit like they are getting here. The donor and I didn't discuss a refund or anything, he just said that this is what he wanted to do, no hesitation. Him and his wife are really great people, they hunted bears with us before. I'll make sure we do all we can to give a great hunt and post the hunt action.

It's a rifle moose hunt, high success, usually see lots of moose and other critters. Will do my best to do a good job of posting pics. Thanks for all the kind comments, thoughts and prayers to the donor.

Absolutely amazing.. Gods speed to you sir.

From: Hawkeye
Prayers sent and what an amazing individual. God bless all involved.

From: T Mac
What a selfless act! I Hope and pray that he beats the cancer and is rewarded with a healthy happy remainder of life through karma!

Thanks to all that donated at the link above.

We have also had another "anonymous" Bowsiter donate his air miles to provide the flight to the Wounded Warrior. This Patriot has donated either air miles and or cash for very Wounded Warrior hunt we've done.

Hats off to all you terrific Bowsiters.

From: Florida Mike
Total respect for a real man that did this magnanimous gesture and remained anonymous! Praying.

From: kellyharris
Awesome Gesture, my hats off to that person!

From: Dennis Razza
What an amazing person! Praying.

From: Will
Amazing gesture indeed - fight strong!

From: TD
That's what you call taking a crap situation and doing something good with it. Class indeed.

Prayers sent..... these things can be beaten, I know they can. Already starting it out on the right foot. Get well soon.

An email note from the donor after he saw this thread:

Hi Mike, Good to hear things are moving along so well. Again many thanks to you and Charlie. The response from bowsiters was overwhelming. I thank each and every one of them as well. I have no doubt you and your guides and staff will provide the Warrior with a top notch experience. Thanks to all

From: Grasshopper
This guy has figured out the prime directive, Love thy neighbor. What a role model for his family and all of us! My prayers for a speedy fight and RECOVERY.

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

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