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Costco has Mountain house meals
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huntnfish808 16-Aug-17
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From: huntnfish808

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Costco is selling mountain house premium assortment box packs for $60. These are all 2 serving meals and they have some good tasting menus too (my favorites at least). There are 13 meals in the box. This is in Hawaii so I'm not sure if your areas would have them but I assume it's national.

Breakfast skillet Biscuits and gravy Chili Mac with meat Rice and chicken Beef stroganoff

From: TEmbry
Must be upcharging for HI... Alaska Costco has had em the last several years for less than $50. I buy a couple each summer because like you, none of these flavors are bad and I'm not picky on the mtn. Definitely well worth the money when you compare to individual pricing.

From: Z Barebow
We had them at my local Costco once about 2 years ago and haven't seen them since.

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