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Are Rage legal in New York?
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Too Many Bows Bob 16-Aug-17
Medicinemann 17-Aug-17
Jim Southwick 17-Aug-17
PECO 17-Aug-17
Too Many Bows Bob 17-Aug-17
Jeff Budik 17-Aug-17
I was looking at the New York regulations and they don't allow barbed broadheads. It seems that they outlaw Rage and those "slip cam" type of broadheads. Does anyone know if they are legal?


From: Medicinemann
I called Montec to ask them if their T3 broadheads were legal in NY. They told me that they were not. Call the arrow manufacturer and ask them if their broadheads are legal.....

I don't think the Rage broadheads are considered a barbed head, since the blades are not locked in the open position.

From: PECO
I would talk to a Game Warden to find out if a head is legal, not the head manufacturer.

Rage says they are legal, but I am going to contact Fish and Game. I'll let people know what I find.


From: Jeff Budik
Yes, but only the 2 blade are legal, the 3 blade are not.

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