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31 degrees @ Medicine Bow Mtns
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cnelk 17-Aug-17
Jaquomo 17-Aug-17
Deertick 17-Aug-17
Fulldraw1972 17-Aug-17
huntabsarokee 17-Aug-17
LINK 17-Aug-17
Deertick 17-Aug-17
SoDakSooner 17-Aug-17
Ucsdryder 17-Aug-17
fubar racin 17-Aug-17
From: cnelk
Frosty morning in the Medicine Bow Mtns this morning as the weather stations show its 31 degrees this morning

Im sure its even cooler in the high mtn valleys. The aspens will be turning very soon!

From: Jaquomo
Snowed a couple times last week in NoCo at 10K. We've had a good frost with ice on the windshield at 8500.

People ask about "September weather" and what to expect....

From: Deertick
Jaq -- people wonder about "September weather" ... sounds like people wondering why tomatoes don't grow in Laramie. Hmm ... I wonder!

I think we've got one more hot spell left, but it's sure taking its time. Word has it that our area has the coldest summer since 2000. Certainly the wettest August in a while. If these rains keep up, it'll be a repeat of the Monsoons of 2013.

If that doesn't make people concerned, I guess they weren't in the hills in 2013!

From: Fulldraw1972
The rains in 13 were relentless. Many a showers we hid under a spruce till the rain subsided. I am guessing if the temps are cooler the elk will move more then when it's warm.

A few maple trees in Mn are turning already. We just got 7" of rain here last night.


Are you saying I should come to Wyoming with chains this year? I didn't see much mud in my area but my I got lucky last go around.

From: LINK
Where I live a cool summer means it's sure to be 105 in October with mosquitos the size of hummingbirds.

From: Deertick
huntabsaro ... depends on where you come in from. Do the same thing as you did before, and you'll be fine. Follow my other (old PM) instructions, and you'll probably want 'em if you have 'em. Of course, who knows what it'll do? It might be hot and dry by then -- but I just heard of snow at 8200' in the last few days. Not much -- but any is a lot in August!

From: SoDakSooner
'13 was a lot of fun....and we were way south of the onslaught. Spent a lot of time drying gear that year.

From: Ucsdryder
Good. I hope it kills all the damn mosquitos.

From: fubar racin
In 13 i was working in greeley heard they were closing 34 east of town so the boss shut it down and i headed back up elk hunting then i was packing up camp to head home on sunday afternoon and the boss called said we would be down until at least wednesday woohoo unload the truck and hunt till tuesday! Well tuesday about noon i killed a nice cow and had to call the boss to tell him we were down till thursday because i was still packing her out all day wednesday!

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