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Black Eagle Spartan versus Easton Axis
Contributors to this thread:
BDA 17-Aug-17
Trial153 17-Aug-17
GhostBird 17-Aug-17
Buglmin 17-Aug-17
Barrera 17-Aug-17
SteveB 20-Aug-17
From: BDA
Does anyone have any experience with the Black Eagle Spartan or Easton Axis Arrows? I'm currently shooting Carbon Express Maxima/Blu Streaks, and its time to add to the quiver. I'm looking for anyone's thoughts before I sink some money into new arrows. Thanks- Jeremy

From: Trial153
Admittedly I am not a Axis fan, the couple dozen I worked with were too inconsistent for me. That said if I had enough of them I could make them work with brass hits and footings. I don't mind brass hits however I will not use them with out a VPA footing. Also in fairness I know several guys that use them and are happy, with great results. I have had only two dozen Spartans, both .300 spine. After building them didn't have to cull any shafts and only a couple needed nock tuning. They are very consistent. They stainless insert and nock bushings are excellent. I added 30 grain brass weights to inserts to get my mass weight and FOC where I wanted them. They been durable and consistent.

From: GhostBird
I shoot the Black Eagle Spartans and like them a lot. Great arrows. I shot the Black Eagle Carnivores before the Spartans came out.

From: Buglmin
What are you looking for in an arrow shaft? If you want a small diameter shaft, the Eastons are way more spine consistant then the Spartans. Jason sent me some Spartans way back in Febuary, telling me I'd like them better then the Gold Tip Classics... That being said, look at the Carbon Express Reds SD, a small diameter shaft that is a tough lil dude. That's what I'm shooting now and really like.

From: Barrera
I shoot the black eagle rampage arrows with stainless half outs. Get some and you won't be let down. Just get the correct spine.

From: SteveB
I really like the Spartans. I just switched to BE Outlaw and even though .005 shoot terrific at less than half the price. Paid $60 dzn fletched with nocks and inserts from a guy on

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