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affordable heads that aren't chinadermic
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If any of you other guys are like me you probably puke at the idea of paying $40+ for a pack of broadheads that will only partially fill a quiver. Call me a cheapskate, but I have searched for less costly broadheads and have found an option that I absolutely love in the NAP shockwave. These are quality heads, and I can order these things online and have them shipped to my door for somewhere in the 15 to 20 dollar range usually. I'd like to know if there are any other decent quality heads in this price range to be found without ordering the chinadermic crap off of ebay. Anyone know of any other brands or places to shop to find such a product?

From: Trial153
you can get a 10 pack of slick tricks for about 75-80 delivered

From: HDE
Slicks or Wac'em are about the best for quality and price.

Check out Red river broadheads.

From: JTV
Steelhead 's thru Lancaster Archery are $19.99 per 3 pak .... Muzzy 3 Blade 100/125 gr are still around $39 for a 6 pak.... About the same for their regular 4 blade 90 gr and 100 gr heads

From: BigEze
NAP Rednecks are pretty close to Thunderheads and usually much cheaper. I agree the Shockwaves are really good for the $.

From: Two Feathers
I saw some on Amazon the other day - a dozen for under $20.

From: Scum Frog
I've been bowhunting with NAP Shockwaves for what will be my 17th season. When I do my job, they do theirs! Great BH's!

From: APauls
Rocket Steelheads. Usually about $20/pack you can find them for. They've only been money for like 30 years.

From: ScottTigert
Check out Mugnus, Stinger or Hornet. About $30.00. Fly great. SUPER SHARP. Your break one, send it back and the will send you a new one. They REALLY do fly like a field point.

From: Swampy
Still using Thunderhead's . Work just dandy for me . Plus I'm a cheap old coot .

From: papadeerhtr
Have been using Trophy ridge Meat Seekers for few years now,but heard they quit making them not sure what ill go to. shockwaves are could possibility.

From: LINK
Hard to beat the value of VPA when you can kill multiple animals without changing blades. I've heard people killing double digit numbers with one head. Makes them pretty cheap.

From: razorhead
VPA is a great head, but going down in weight on my stick bow, I now shoot the DRT, (dead right there) broadheads. They are 30.00 for 3, multiple colors (why I have no idea), but they are easy to sharpen, and come our of the package very sharp.

They have a small built in bleeder blade, they are vented in design, and they have a lifetime guarantee, that is they will replace any head, any time, for any reason,,,, they are out of Missouri.....

They come single or double bevel, and have a ring on the ferrule, which makes it 125 grain or take it off, its 100 grain...... Shot them both out of my compound and recurve, and they shoot like a dime. Out of my compound at 60 yards no issues... That is why I like them

There are good deals out there. This past winter I saw Shock Waves 100 grain at Wal Mart for like 12.00 a pack,,,,, I have a friend who shoots them, and bought him 3 packs

From: Franzen
If you aren't simply going to lose them, Magnus would be pretty cheap in the long run. Use, re-sharpen, re-use, send back in if no longer useable for free replacement. I've never sent any back to Mike, but some day I likely will just to see what comes back.

From: bear bowman
I've been shooting the wasp jak hammers for years. Usually $30 for 3

From: ohiohunter
I've gotten g5 strikers as cheap as $25/3 off ebay. Maybe less, I can't remember. Cabelas may still have the exodus on sale for $25.88. Magnus has always been a bargain. With the internet savvy consumers rarely pay retail, BUT others may wish to support their LBS... I can understand from both sides of the coin. I try to do both as long as the LBS isn't the type that is giving their customers the high hard one.

From: Ironbow
I still choke on $10 per head, although that is getting on the less expensive side these days. Thunderheads can be had for $38 for 5, Muzzy $39 for 6, and that is everyday prices, not internet deals.

I just can't pay $15-20 for a broadhead.

Muzzy around here can be bought for $25/6 pack. I love thunderheads but at the new $35/5 pack, looks like I'm going back to a muzzy. God Bless.

From: longspeak74
Thunderheads...replaceable blades

From: JL
Some of us on another site we getting the China Rages. One of the sellers said the American Rages are made in their China factory. I have seen some China Rages coming in the plastic blister pack you see in the state side stores. Same numbers, codes and everything. I bought some to examine them to see if they are legit, weigh them, etc. I haven't used them yet.

From: Shawn
VPA heads, they are simple to sharpen(idiot proof) and as has been said yu can shoot lots of animals with one head, i have killed 7 deer with the same head myself. 45 bucks for 3 but unless ya lose them or bend them ya can kill a lot of critters with a 3 pack. Shawn

From: joehunter
Any Wasp or New Archery Products head. Can not go wrong.

From: HDE
Zion - you asking affordable for initial cost or long term investment? I guess it depends on the use you think you'll get out of it.

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's embedded Photo
elkmtngear's embedded Photo
"I've never sent any back to Mike, but some day I likely will just to see what comes back".

Franzen...I sent back a Magnus Stinger...used it on my my 2016 Bull elk, and it busted after breaking both shoulders on this wild hog. Sent it in a padded envelope, new broadhead arrived within about 10 days.

Helluva good deal IMHO.

Best of Luck, Jeff


mikesohm/magnus's embedded Photo
mikesohm/magnus's embedded Photo
Our broadheads are made in America, in central Kansas. Lifetime replacement guarantee, if you ever damage one, email us a picture of the damaged broadhead and your complete name and address and we replace. Thank you

From: archer
I got a bunch of quality heads for sale in the classifieds.

From: HerdManager
Magnus are awesome!! Great head, fly like field points, super penetration! I bought them for my young kids when they started bowhunting, but now I use them also.

85 grain Stinger with bleeders = dead deer

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