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Semi live pronghorn trip
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chasintheslam 19-Aug-17
midwest 19-Aug-17
t-roy 19-Aug-17
9er 19-Aug-17
drycreek 19-Aug-17
chasintheslam 19-Aug-17
PA-R 20-Aug-17
chasintheslam 20-Aug-17
It's currently 6:50 on the east coast about 3 hours ago me and my dad rolled out of Delaware headed west to Wyoming for our antelope hunt. This will be my second time chasing them and hope to harvest my first and this will be his first also if he kills will be his first ever bow kill. I'm gonna do my best to share as much of this hunt as possible. First stop Mount Rushmore for a little sight seeing.

From: midwest
Yeah, better hurry before they destroy that monument, too.

Good luck on the goat hunt with your dad!

From: t-roy
Best of luck to both of you! Stay safe on the roads.

From: 9er
Good luck

Im looking forward to your posts

From: drycreek
Good luck !

Well we made it to Nebraska for the night back up early tomorrow to head to Wyoming

From: PA-R
Midwest, you are so right~~~~~~:()

Well we're here just stopped at HQ BBQ in Casper to eat real quick then it's out to our unit to glass for tomorrow's hunt

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