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Shrewski 19-Aug-17
DonVathome 19-Aug-17
TravisScott 19-Aug-17
Zackman 19-Aug-17
BULELK1 20-Aug-17
Shrewski 20-Aug-17
kevin3006 21-Aug-17
From: Shrewski
Non Resident with 10 points for everything. Coming from Michigan I'm not quite sure I want to do my Nevada mule deer on my own. I don't have any preference of season early or late or area for that matter. I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations on outfitters. I know Greg Krough but that it...

Mule deer are the priority but if you have a good crew for elk or antelope or sheep I'd like to dig into it all ahead of drawing out. I know it may be a while.

From: DonVathome
I am in the same boat, I have heard a lot of good diy stories and a lot of bad - seems pretty hit or miss vs most other tags I have drawn. I hav e 9 points now, if you are interested maybe we can discuss partnering. I believe there is a separate draw for mule deer guided - possibly a lot better odds? I have my first hunt in NV this year - desert sheep!

From: TravisScott
I would recommend Dave Gowan with Canyons West Guide Service.

From: Zackman
I believe the guided draw in Nevada for non-residents does not allow for archery hunts.

You would still have to put in for the standard draw if you are bowhunting.

Good luck! Nevada offers some great opportunities for Bowhunters

SteveO I have DIY Nv now on 3 muley tags over the years.

It is very do-able and I have drawn with less than 3 pts each time.

Good luck, Robb

From: Shrewski
Robb that makes me want to share points :-))

I'll bend your ear during the off season.

From: kevin3006
Can you hunt with a bow in the outfitter guided draw? Is it an any weapon tag?

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