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Bowhunter 19-Aug-17
ElkNut1 20-Aug-17
Bowhunter 20-Aug-17
From: Bowhunter
Elk season is almost here. Check out the tradquest podcast for new episodes with Paul Medel(elk nut). We go over calling public land bulls in stickbow close!!! Good luck out there this season!!!!

From: ElkNut1
Robert, thanks bud! I certainly enjoyed the interview with You & James, I can't believe how nearly 3 hours went by so quick! I look forward to a recap of this years hunts with you guys! Good luck!

For those who enjoy Podcasts this one is about several calling strategies we've used over the years to call in & take bulls on OTC public land elk hunts. There's lots of good stuff in it that could assist any elknuts out there! (grin) Good luck guys!

Robert, do you have a link to it?


From: Bowhunter

Bowhunter's Link
Here is the link I think:)

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