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Any G4 or G16 hunters?
Mountain Goat
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jims 20-Aug-17
sticksender 20-Aug-17
jims 20-Aug-17
Ski & Skin 17-Sep-17
Rock 18-Sep-17
Ermine 18-Sep-17
Nock 20-Oct-17
From: jims
I've been spending time in G4 and G16 the past few weeks scouting for my son's S4 sheep hunt. If anyone hunting goats in either of those units want to swap info I'd be glad to share info with you.

From: sticksender
Good luck on your son's Sheep hunt, hope you will keep us posted on how it goes.

Amazing that they're issuing just one Goat tag in the first and second seasons in G4 now.

From: jims
I've mostly spent time in G7, G15, and G16 over the years. There are a fraction of the goats in those units that there were 10 to 15 years ago! Where I used to sit on one hillside and view 100+ goats from 1 spot I'm lucky any more to see 10 goats. It's somewhat a shame the CPW treats goats as an intruder...especially where they cross paths with bighorn sheep. It's great the CPW has offered either-sex tags in recent years to keep goat numbers in check rather than putting so much pressure on mature billies. If you take a look at the harvest reports there are hardly any "magnum sized" old age billies left in Colorado (5 1/2+ years old). Back in the good ole days it was possible to run into groups of mature billies....not the case any more! Anyway, now you know my stance on mtn goats filling a great niche in the high alpine areas in Colorado!

I haven't seen many goats in G4 while on scouting trips. There appears to be something weird going on. I saw a group of goats the other day that had ear tags and radio collars so the CPW must be conducting some sort of study to monitor them. There seemed like lots of great goat country in G4 that was dead of game? In fact, I hardly saw any picas? There were 24 goat tags offered in 2011 in G4 and this year only 4? Maybe someone else can chime in that knows what's going on.

I look forward to a great father-son sheep hunt this coming year! Thanks to those willing to share sheep info!

From: Ski & Skin
I've got a g16 tag for 3rd and I have seen a lot of goats, billies a few. However I've only been looking for 7 ears! Only seen a few sheep in that time?? don't know if i can help you out? Im trying to use my bow for the rifle tag!

From: Rock
jims, the problem in G4 is that they have a desease that they had never seen in a Goat population before and it took out almost a whole age class, mostly the kids. I got that info from the GW last during my Goat hunt after telling him the the most Goats I found during a 3 day scouting trip was 56 when in the past I would have seen over 100 in a single day. During our conversation I told him that I thought they needed to either close the season until the population came back up or drastically reduce the tag number which he said they were looking at and discussing what to do.

Goats do most of their horn growing the first 3-4 years so they do not have to be that old to be mature and big (horn wise).

From: Ermine
Wow rock. Interesting! Didn't know it was disease thought it was over hunting.

From: Nock
I think the disease is called lead poisoning....too many tags.

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