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From: live2hunt88
I've been trying to figure my issue out.

I am shooting blazer vanes with a QAD ultra rest and seem to keep making contacting with the arm coming across the top, I assume. Something is causing my arrows to fly a little sporadic. Any ideas on how to fix this??

Most posts I've read say to cut the arm off the rest or move nocking points?

From: jingalls
Tune, tune, and more tune! If your not sure go to your nearest qualified pro-shop and pay them to help you. It will be the best $ you spend.

From: ohiohunter
Could be nocking point, could be timing. What bow and how old are the strings? Bare shaft paper tune.

If you mark your fletchings with lipstick or something similar you won't have to assume. Once you know for sure you can make adjustments from there. It may be something as simple as using the wrong launcher.

From: live2hunt88
Strings are brand new twisted x strings

Now is a 2014 Nitrum Turbo

Recon I'll take it into the shop and have it checked out. Was hoping for a simple fix

From: Scooter
You can also try turning your nocks slightly one direction or the other... I've seen this work before...

From: carcus
Did non blazer fletched arrows fly better? I've used the qad hdx on about 10 different bows with blazers and no clearance issues

From: cnelk
Be sure use the TL1 fork

From: Russell

Russell's Link
Whenever I have a problem with my QAD rest, I simply call the company. They provide great tech support.

Case-in-point: Set-up a new/used bow last year. Had clearance problems. Called QAD and they ID's the cord was tied too close to the rest. Needed to be 4 1/2" or so below the rest. Clearance issues fixed. They also mentioned to use some lipstick on the vanes or rest. I applied it to the rest.

My tuning is pretty simple, set arrow level with burger hole and center shot. Tie in two nock points leaving slight space for string angle during full draw. Add cord D-loop. Verify no string pinch via drawboard. Zero bow at 20 yds with field points, then fixed blade BH. Make vertical adjustments first (to rest) then lateral via yokes (if the bow has them). Once BH and FP hit the same at 20 yds, step back to 30, to your max distance of accuracy. Obviously don't shoot beyond your comfort zone.

From: Brotsky
Make sure your rest is coming to the full up position within your last inch of draw cycle. His will insure it drops out of the way fast enough to give you clearance.

From: razorhead
Brotsky is right, that is what my pro shop guy said,,,, I never had a problem, and shoot both 3 blazers and 4 fletch fusions

From: 12yards
Lots of You Tube videos on setting these up. I was even able to get mine to work. But I did a terrible job serving the cord onto my cable so I took it to my pro shop to serve it in right.

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