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Colorado area 76 lost trail access
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never2sharp 21-Aug-17
easeup 21-Aug-17
Spookinelk 21-Aug-17
Beendare 22-Aug-17
Hike&Hunt 22-Aug-17
never2sharp 22-Aug-17
Packn 22-Aug-17
From: never2sharp
Hi Guys. Anyone know if a 50 inch side by side ATV will get thru the pipes and navigate "Lost Trail" near the Rio Grande Resevoir in Area 76 ? I know a 4 wheeler will but was wondering if any one has been up that trail with a side by side. Thanks.

From: easeup
walked it a few times and never saw anything up there but motorbikes and moose

From: Spookinelk
Trail 821 is designated as a less than 50 inch trail so it might not be legal if you are wider. My buddy hunts from the Lost Trail Ranch every year on a Landowner voucher, he rides a dirt bike in. The motorized trails that lead to the best elk country up there are dirt bike only.

From: Beendare
I've been on that trail with my Honda Rancher...they have vertical poles set up to restrict access over a certain width.....I can't remember exactly what it was but if it says 48" you won't get through with anything wider.

From: Hike&Hunt
I was just there two weeks ago. It will be tight. My sportsman with aftermarket wheels is 49 1/2" wide and just barely fits. When I was in there last season, I saw utv's on the trail. This year I noticed it was posted no side by sides at the trailhead.

From: never2sharp
Thanks guys. Just the info I was looking for.

From: Packn
A 50" side by side is legal. We use that trail all the time with ours. Have a great hunt

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