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Packer in NW Colo
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goelk 22-Aug-17
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From: goelk
Looking for packer in meeker rifle area

From: coelker
Do you mean a packing plant to process animals or a packer to pack out dead animals with horses?

If you mean a processing plant to cut and wrap here is only one who I will let near an animal. That is H and H Processing about 4 miles west of Meeker. They do an excellent job. They can be quick. They are extremely clean, they only process 1 animals at a time so no mystery meat. They debone and cut. No band saws, etc. In 12 years they have cut every deer, elk, antelope, that my family and all my friends have killed. For my family alone they have cut over 30 animals. In all that time I have never found a hair. I have only have 2 times where we found a bone chip in the ground burger.

They do not make jerky, pepperoni etc.

But they have an incredible Bacon Burger Grind. A good Italian Sausage, and Good Breakfast sausage.

As for packing an animal out you will need to find someone with horses and a permit for the area.

From: KHunter
Coelker, ....he means a packer as in hauling loads... at least it reads that way to me.

From: goelk
thanks coelker looking for someone to process too but first i 'm looking for someone hauling my elk out.

From: wytex
Has to be licensed to pack for a fee.

From: coelker
What area in NW... I know a few that might depending on area and if it is in their permit area!

From: goelk
Unit 22

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