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'morning All,

I have been wearing these all summer on my hikes/scouting trips as a base layer sock and then my normal hunting socks over them.

I am very surprised and happy with them.

Mojo brand ----------->

Anyone else gone to these type of socks?

Good luck, Robb

From: tobinsghost
What style are you using? Elite, firm or moderate? Did you have any issues with them being too restrictive?

From: Lark Bunting
What is the benefit?

From: LKH
I've been a type II diabetic for about 18 years and it affects circulation. The socks go a great ways towards helping that. My doc recommended them.

From: smarba
racers use them for recovery all the time, very helpful during or after endurance events. could be just as beneficial for hunting activities too.

From: drycreek
I've worn them almost every day for many years. My legs used to get so tired until my sis-in-law, a nurse, told me about them. Knee high, a little hot in Texas summers, but without them my legs swell. I do wear shorts and ankle high socks some days in summer if I'm working outside in the heat, and I sweat enough to compensate. In winter, if it gets very cold, a good wool blend goes right over them and my feet stay warm, but we don't have many cold days here.

Mine are the medium as I didn't want to tight nor to loose so I went medium. They come just below my knees.

They really have helped with almost no more cramping in my sleep (even though I do phosphate/magnesium pills and eat a banana) and I haven't had a blister since last year!!

Groupon has them on sale every now and then so I get a few more now and then.

Good luck, Robb

From: SBH
I don't wear them during the hunt but sliding them on in the evening for an hour before bed gives great relief to sore legs/feet.

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