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Nevada 2017
Mule Deer
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TravisScott 25-Aug-17
Deserve2beworked 27-Aug-17
From: TravisScott
So I just wrapped up Nevada for units 043-046. I'm just throwing this out there for folks that may be going into the state this year in the near future I would highly recommend an ATV or a side by side this year. The mass amount of water this year has caused a ton of roads to be impassable with a highway vehicle. I did manage to find quite a few deer and had a great time. I was within range of a couple of good bucks but definitely would have been much better off if I could have covered more country. Best wishes to all this year!

I too had similar results in the same unit this season. I could see where the deer were but couldn't even begin to access them. Nevada has a special meaning for "rough roads" !

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