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Another Hang On Stand Question
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Candor 26-Aug-17
shane 26-Aug-17
razorhead 27-Aug-17
JL 27-Aug-17
From: Candor
I am going to soon be buying another hang on stand. Most of my hangers are left in place through the season but I have a couple I use for temporary set-ups. I am wanting another for temporary set-ups. I would value your thoughts.

I know the Millennium is the most comfortable and the LW likely the quietest. I want one that is comfortable (I do not particularly like the LWs for long sits) but I want one where I can shoot behind the stand and with the back rest on the Millennium M100 and M150 I think the back of the seat would get in the way of shooting behind the tree. I do not need a back rest but do prefer a suspension or net style seat. I want at least 30" platform and would prefer a footrest. I am tall enough and old enough where shorter than that is tough on my knees for a long hunt.

Weight is always important but 15 lbs or less for the stand is fine.

Ease of hanging is a big factor but one being slightly easier to hang than another won't be a deciding point. A stand being a pain to hang would rule it out for this use.

Thanks in advance.

From: shane
Milllinium M-60, its light, comfortable and sets up easily also. I have a couple and really like them.

From: razorhead
Well my first impression of Millinium was when I saw their chain lock system that goes around the tree,,,,, that is only good for stands that do not move,,,,,, I just bought a M7 and it actually weighed in less than 8lbs on the bear scale. The lock system is webbing with a ratchet strap. The ratchet itself is gold in color, (that has to be covered) going to spray it dull grey////

However easy to put on tree, ( practiced this am) and solid and light than to haul up and pin in cam lock....... It is a true run and gun stand...... comfortable seat....

I found it easy to hang,,,, with my lone wolf, I have to balance the stand, while the strap goes around the tree, not awful, but always another thing to do.....

with the M7 I simply go up my sticks, and set the ratchet system,,,, I haul up the stand, pin one side on, and drop in, practiced it a few times, to get it right, but this stand on your back is a dream,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

From: JL
I don't own one but know folks that do, as far as ease of hanging, the Chippewa Wedge-Locs maybe the easiest ones to hang of all the hang-on stands out there.

The old Gorrilla stands were pretty good....I have 4 of the King Kongs. I believe another company called Hawk bought the rights or patents and I have one of their new ones with the mesh backrest. Not sure if this fits your requirements but FYI anyway.

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