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Straight or angled spotting scopes ?
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venison 27-Aug-17
venison 27-Aug-17
Fulldraw1972 27-Aug-17
Lost Arra 27-Aug-17
Kurt 27-Aug-17
jims 27-Aug-17
WapitiBob 27-Aug-17
TEmbry 27-Aug-17
Jaquomo 27-Aug-17
YZF-88 27-Aug-17
Mule Power 27-Aug-17
Tracker 27-Aug-17
TreeWalker 27-Aug-17
elkstabber 28-Aug-17
Ermine 28-Aug-17
venison 28-Aug-17
Brotsky 28-Aug-17
Rock 30-Aug-17
wyelkhunter 30-Aug-17
bud 31-Aug-17
From: venison
Wondering what you guys that have used spotting scopes a lot prefer ? What is best all around size ?

From: venison
what do you think of the Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50 angled ?

From: Fulldraw1972
For sitting and glassing I like an angle scope. I can get by with a shorter tripod. Now when I am in the truck glassing. The angle scope is harder to look threw. I am able to rotate the scope to see through the eye piece. This has its issues as well. If the animal is to close to the front of the window or to close to the rear of the window. It's hard to look through the eyepiece.

As for size. I have had a 65 mm scope as well as the 85 mm I have now. I really notice the difference after the mile mark while glassing.

From: Lost Arra
Angled And I was absolutely sure a straight would be better but I was wrong. As mentioned above truck glassing is the exception

From: Kurt
I prefer angled...better ergonomics when sitting down glassing, and easier to use for an eye glass wearer. Takes a bit of getting use to......the external peep sight (as found on my Swaro 65 mm) is useful for finding things until you get the hang of the angled scope. Also, I prefer a scope where the barrel rotates around the tripod attachment.....again Swaro 65 mm has this so you can position the eye-piece up, sideways, down (used mine as a periscope a time or too on rams over the ridge). A 50mm scope is OK for deer, elk and bears in my opinion, but not as good for sheep where you have age/curl restrictions. (I've got a Nikon ED 13-30 x 50 that sees pack time every year, as well as an ancient Leupold Goldring fixed power 20 x 50mm that is decent and very light). I don't own or use an 80mm scope just due to size, but understand their strong points.......but am unwilling as a backpack hunter to carry the weight and size.

All scopes come with are trade-offs, whether you are talking $$$, weight, size, clarity, light gathering, angled vs straight, etc.......about like cars vs trucks and blondes vs brunettes.

From: jims
I've always liked my straight spotter. I can get the spotter lined up with a critter or area I want to glass in a flash. I have no problem sitting on the ground glassing with straight? I often try to get as low a profile as possible on the horizon. It seems like an angle spotter would put you higher on the horizon unless you point the eyepiece down or on some sort of angle? I spend a great deal of time scouting from my truck. As mentioned above this would be pretty tough with an angle?

I also hike miles so lighter and more compact is my preference. I have Leica but if I could afford it I likely would have bought Swaro. It is definitely worth it paying extra for superb optics!

From: WapitiBob
My angled 80 sucks, never again. Do overs will be a Nikon ed 50 straight.

From: TEmbry
Depends on terrain. I like my angled 65 better for 80% of hunting scenarios. As mentioned, there are select scenarios where a straight is more handy such as clamped to a truck window

From: Jaquomo
I have both and never use the straight one anymore. My fave is the Nikon ED II. Once I got used to rotating the barrel it was simple.

From: YZF-88
Definitely angled for me. I have quite a few neck problems from a MX injury so its a must from an ergonomics perspective.

As far as the 50mm recommendation. I had a Nikon ED that I sold a couple years ago and I regret it often!

From: Mule Power
Angled. A lower tripod is way more stable. I'm with Lost Arra.... I thought I'd like straight but I found out really fast I prefer angled. I bought a used Swarovski with an angled. My plan was to buy the straight eyepiece as I'd already used one and liked it. As soon as I used the angled there was no turning back.

From: Tracker
Switched to an angle 4 years ago and will never by straight again.

From: TreeWalker
Angled is more comfortable for me as I have a jacked up neck so is better to have my neck looking down than looking up. I bit more challenging to put in the side pocket of my pack though fits. My brother prefers his spotter's straight tube as he uses the peep sight to quickly get the spotter on target. He can also get his spotter stowed away in his pack a bit faster than me as takes perfection to position my spotter and then zip things shut.

From: elkstabber
Venison: Just beware that the Vortex Razor HD 11-33x50 angled that you mentioned cannot be rotated because it doesn't have a rotating ring. The next size up (65mm) has the rotating ring.

From: Ermine
I prefer angled. Can take a little more time switching from binos to getting the animal in the spotter but I like angled

From: venison
Thanks you guys helped a lot ! Still open to more opinions if anyone has anything to add , thanks again !

From: Brotsky
Angled for me as well, no way would I go back to straight.

From: Rock
I had a straight one for many years and liked it but sold it and bought a angled and have to say I like it better. They both have there pro's and con's but the angled is what I prefer.

From: wyelkhunter
Tried the angled and did not like it at all. Have used the straight and it works in all cases whether on a window mount or sitting on the ground.

From: bud
I have had both. I like angled better. Personal choice. Get the 65mm vortex over the 50mm. Performance to weight penalty is well worth it. I have used both. Get a good tripod and have your binos rigged to go on it also.

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