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kudo's to Martin
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rattles33 28-Aug-17
PECO 28-Aug-17
Franklin 28-Aug-17
Huntcell 28-Aug-17
Redheadtwo 29-Aug-17
From: rattles33
Just a quick update. After a bent cam on my 2012 martin bengal--a few photo's showing the issue, and actually finding the receipt--Martin just sent me a replacement bow. Based on msrp, actually several clicks up on the offerings. It's a Inferno 33, I believe a 2016 model. Regardless, I'm quite pleased that Martin stood behind their product. I would have been happy with just a new replacement cam, but the fire of a couple years back destroyed much of the parts inventory of older bows and no replacement was available--hence the bow replacement. Since we are all quick to post product issues and poor customer service, I thought I'd share something positive.

From: PECO
Good to hear, let us know how the new bow shoots!

From: Franklin
Good way to get a customer for life.....I think you would gotten lucky to get just a cam from some bow makers let alone a whole new bow.

From: Huntcell
That fire was devastating. Must have been a lot of magnisium riser material in that building to burn that intensely hot. the local fire crew was not equipped to even come close to doing anything with that fire, but protect the surroundings and let it burn it self out . What a setback glad there overcame it and are up and running again.

From: Redheadtwo
Good to hear it worked out on the plus side for you.

I have had the best customer service from Martin more than any other bow manufacturer over 20+ years.

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