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Elk Brisket
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Dino 28-Aug-17
ELKMAN 28-Aug-17
stealthycat 28-Aug-17
coelker 28-Aug-17
WapitiBob 28-Aug-17
Trial153 28-Aug-17
hawg 29-Aug-17
wytex 29-Aug-17
APauls 29-Aug-17
From: Dino
Over the weekend, my brother in law used his Traeger grill to cook an amazing beef brisket. Any of you do an Elk one? Is it worth doing? What does that cut or removal look like? Ideas?

Try it! I never have but we kill in the WORST places usually. I would brine it for at least 3 days though and then do a bacon wrap before smoking.

From: stealthycat
brisket is only as good as the fat marbling in it, right? elk would be very lean

From: coelker
Elk brisket is not really good. Definitely nothing like a beef brisket. It goes to grind to make sausage

From: WapitiBob
Elk fat is like chewing on a stick of string wax.

From: Trial153
you can corn it or make pastrami , however your way better off using a round. I have made it in a slow cook Crock pot and it srinks done to nothing..comes good but there isn't much left of it. In all honesty the best use for it is the grind pile.

From: hawg
I smoked one on my pellet smoker for 2 hours at 180 degrees glazing it with bbq sauce every 30 minutes. After 2 hours I wrapped it in foil and put it in the oven at 200 degrees for 6 hours. It was great. We had a "meat fest" party where 4 families brought their smoked creations which included a pork butt, beef brisket, chicken and pork ribs and the elk brisket was the first to go. No left overs for me:(

From: wytex
Elk ribs are also great. The fat is not for everyone but it is not as bad as some like to state. Elk shanks should be your next try, they are amazing.

From: APauls
I've done elk ribs a number of times and people can't get enough. No reason brisket would be different? The whole "tallow" effect isn't as bad as whitetails but it is there. I think a big help is I throw the ribs in the slow cooker all day in water with beef stock. I think this helps a lot of the fat drain out that gets tallowy later. Then I remove the ribs and what fat is obvious, slather with favorite BBQ sauce and BBQ on highest heat possible. Also given them to non-hunters that rave about em.

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