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An Excellent Elk Read: Bugle
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standswittaknife 28-Aug-17
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Grunt-N-Gobble 28-Aug-17
tobinsghost 28-Aug-17
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Carnivore 30-Aug-17
BULELK1 31-Aug-17
I read a lot of hunting mags monthly, and usually don't post too much on this stuff, but if you get a chance read Don Burgess's "Chasing Dragons" article starting on page sixty-two of this months ( Sept-Oct) Bugle magazine you won't be disappointed. I have no affiliation with Mr. Burgess or Bugle other than being an RMEF member for what its worth. Wonderful story the speaks of hunting big bulls and much more...

From: PECO
The article about Aspens is very good also.

I read both of those articles and yes, they are good.

From: tobinsghost
I was rooting for him through the entire article. I so fought the urge to go to the end and see if there was a pic with his bull but I stayed strong and waited for the ending.

From: Scrappy
What is this thing you call hunting mags? Is there a way to read it online?

From: Z Barebow
Coincidentally, I had just finished reading the article minutes before I hopped on BS and saw this thread. I agree, great read.

From: Carnivore

Carnivore's Link
Scrappy: Yes, you can read it online. RMEF members can read every Bugle issue online, or download them as pdf files. Here's the link...

I really enjoy My Bugle and Wild Sheep articles.

Good luck, Robb

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