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BOX CALL 28-Aug-17
md5252 28-Aug-17
GLP 28-Aug-17
longspeak74 30-Aug-17
Changing my PSE magna flite to a two pin set up.right now its 10,20,30,40, yard pins.changing to two firefly luminous pins.I'm thinking just 20,and 30 yard pins.shooting 70# and 2217 jda arrows this season.anybody shoot two pin set ups.,thanks,dan

From: md5252
If I had two pins I'd set them at 25 and 40. That would cover everything out to 50-60yds or so, as long as you practice enough

For deer I use one pin at 25. Simple and effective

From: GLP
I have used 25 and 40 also. Changed to 20 and 35, was better for whitetail. Put the 20 in center of housing. Worked great and some day I will go back to it. However every few years I go out west so I use 20, 35, and 50 top of bubble is 67 yds. I will go back to 20 and 35 when I am not going back out west again. Don't shoot over 35 for whitetails and usually pass then.

From: longspeak74
I use a two-pin set up as well. I have two pins set one on top of the other. Top pin is 20, gap between the pins is 25 and bottom pin is 30. None of my shots are beyond 25 yards from the stand. When I head West next year, I will change for more yardage.

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