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BOX CALL 29-Aug-17
LINK 29-Aug-17
Bake 29-Aug-17
APauls 29-Aug-17
Grabbed my PSE this morning to check everything and shoot some getting all set up.same sight pins,just using two now,same arrows as last year.twenty was dead on when I hung it up last.hasn't been banged or bumped.first shot,at twenty,way low,and way left.only change was a new coil stabilizer.would that throw it off that much?

From: LINK
String stretch would be my guess? If you haven't shot in a long time it could be as simple as you are not anchoring the same and torquing the bow. I'm sure someone more qualified will post.

From: Bake
My rule is to never change the sight until it does the same thing 3 sessions in a row. Most of the time, it's a form problem. Grip or anchor.

I struggle mightily with grip. Wanna find your form flaws? Step back to 60 or 80. You'll quickly figure out what ails you

From: APauls
Agree with Bake. Don't panic after your first shooting session after admittingly "hanging it up." Shoot 3 -4 times before you change anything.

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