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Maine/New Brunswick border crossing
Contributors to this thread:
Van 29-Aug-17
bowthwacker 29-Aug-17
Trial153 29-Aug-17
lawdy 29-Aug-17
Bou'bound 29-Aug-17
bb 29-Aug-17
Rob in VT 29-Aug-17
Bowriter 29-Aug-17
dent_murphy 29-Aug-17
Charlie Rehor 29-Aug-17
PAstringking 30-Aug-17
newfi1946moose 30-Aug-17
From: Van
Does anyone have a preference between the Maine/New Brunswick border crossing at Calais International and Milltown/St. Stephen?

From: bowthwacker
Calais international gets you right on to the highway. Think it is quicker.

From: Trial153
Calais is the way to go, fast and easy.

From: lawdy
We cross at Calais going to Newfy but come home at the St. Crois/Vanceboro crossing. It puts us further up 95 but is a scenic ride home. Of course we are way up in Northern NH so the distance isn't great. Calais is the best for those who travel far.

From: Bou'bound
I am a Houlton guy myself

From: bb
It doesn't make much difference, the time ends up being the same either way.

From: Rob in VT
Houlton is quicker for me. Seems like the secondary roads to Calais can be slow at times.

From: Bowriter
I have never seen much difference, time-wise but I like the scenery better at Calais.

From: dent_murphy
I used Houlton when traveling up to NB for my moose hunt last year and had no problems at all.

Houlton for me too.

From: PAstringking
Houlton for me also

A few years ago we had a nasty experience with an anti-hunting Canadian customs officer at their then new border crossing. We no longer use that crossing.

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