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Crossbow elk in Idaho .
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Birdman 30-Aug-17
Glunt@work 30-Aug-17
ohiohunter 31-Aug-17
TravisScott 31-Aug-17
Birdman 01-Sep-17
From: Birdman
Have a friend who's coming with me to Idaho on a elk hunt , he can't draw a compound because of shoulder injury , has anyone out where gotten a disable permit to use a crossbow . He's still going , be nice if he could get a tag . Checking into it tomorrow , any info would be appreciated .

From: Glunt@work
Looking at the regs it appears you need to get the form from the IFG and it needs to be signed by his doctor.

From: ohiohunter
Though I have no experience, I thought in some states crossbow [during archery] use is strictly for mobility impaired.

From: TravisScott
X2 glunt My dad had to go through the process in 2015. The fish and game website will have the form just have him bring that to the doc and have him fill it out.

From: Birdman
My hunting bud got his form filled out and sent back , should have his tag in a week , good news .

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