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Heading West
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8point 01-Sep-17
Predeter 01-Sep-17
Bloodtrail 01-Sep-17
SoDakSooner 01-Sep-17
BC 01-Sep-17
Lark Bunting 01-Sep-17
Brotsky 01-Sep-17
stealthycat 01-Sep-17
jingalls 01-Sep-17
Southern draw 01-Sep-17
3dirtdevils 01-Sep-17
Bigdan 01-Sep-17
Bill Obeid 01-Sep-17
drycreek 01-Sep-17
hunt forever 01-Sep-17
SteveB 02-Sep-17
BK 03-Sep-17
BULELK1 04-Sep-17
BULELK1 04-Sep-17
oldgoat 04-Sep-17
Reflex 04-Sep-17
BowSniper 05-Sep-17
ground hunter 05-Sep-17
Predeter 07-Sep-17
cnelk 07-Sep-17
bigswivle 07-Sep-17
Rickm 07-Sep-17
huntabsarokee 12-Sep-17
From: 8point
Leaving for Colorado in an hour, be at camp in 32 hrs. Weather looks good.

From: Predeter
September is finally here! I'll be leaving in 6 days. Good luck!

From: Bloodtrail
I'm leaving a week from today for MT. Driving from CT....32 hours for me too. Enjoy the car ride!! Good luck and shoot straight.

From: SoDakSooner
Good luck

From: BC
Right behind you guys. Sept 16th.

From: Lark Bunting
Heck, I live in Colorado and I'm leaving to head west in 22 hours. LOL!

From: Brotsky
Good luck gents! Travel safe and shoot straight!

From: stealthycat
I have 6 days to wait Drive safe

From: jingalls
MT in 5...not sure I'll come back this time? My truck would look a whole lot better with Montana tags on it!!!

Good Luck!

From: 3dirtdevils
Glad I only have a 14 hour drive. 300 miles down 550 to go. Drive safe....prayers for all on the road. Good luck.

From: Bigdan
I have a daunting 15 mile drive in the morning dusty and dry road I hope I have a full tank of gas

From: Bill Obeid
I'm heading to Wyoming in the morning. Picking up my sheep mount at Dewey's Taxidermy in Cody. Then take the wife to Yellowstone and show her how to glass for sheep in unit 5 ! ( a little anniversary present ) :)

From: drycreek
Good luck guys !

From: hunt forever
The temps in Colorado have been in the 90s!!! What in the world!!!

From: SteveB
I leave the 13th for Arizona starting hunting the 15th for 9 hunting days. Stoked!

From: BK
Just got back last night from a week in northern Colorado. Temps in the mid 30's in the morning, scorching 80's in the afternoon. Too hot which hurt us I'm sure. A few elk were seen but it was tough. Seen more bear sign than I have ever seen before plus had a big bear at 35 yds which was cool. The beetle killed trees are starting to come down. As I sat above a trail waiting for any elk to come by, I looked up and thought a guy is not safe anywhere within a 100 ft radius as far as any tree that could come down at any time. The landscape is changing and I'm not sure how a guy will be able to hunt it in a few years.


BULELK1's embedded Photo
BULELK1's embedded Photo
I am off to Wyoming for bow elk & Region G muley buck.

3 1/2 hour drive, towing camp with me.

Honk if ya pass me---------->

Good luck, Robb


BULELK1's embedded Photo
BULELK1's embedded Photo

From: oldgoat
Good luck!

From: Reflex
Good luck to all. I'm heading to Wyoming on Saturday. It's finally here!!!

From: BowSniper
Heading to western Montana this weekend. Anyone out there yet to describe the extent of these brush fires, and what it is doing to the elk hunting?

I would be ashamed if you saw my hunting truck, its way too dirty all the time,,,, nice picture,,,,, ha ha...... good luck and be safe

From: Predeter
In the truck and pointed toward the setting sun. GPS says 11.5 hours to mule deer country!

From: cnelk
Tomorrow I think I'm gonna head up the hill - west - for the 3rd time this elk season.

From: bigswivle
Waited 3yrs to draw my breaks tag. Now thanks to Irma, I'm not going anywhere. Good luck to all.

From: Rickm
One more day of work and heading to the breaks. Conditions are not the best but it's pretty crappy elk hunting in Ohio!! Good luck all.

Left pa this morning at 8am. Almost to Chicago. Another year of dreading the long drive but so far so good. Best upgrade so far this year is the 38 gallon tank in the tundra.

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