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Camofire shipping
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Smtn10PT 01-Sep-17
wilbur 01-Sep-17
woodguy65 01-Sep-17
glittergoat 01-Sep-17
Smtn10PT 01-Sep-17
T Mac 01-Sep-17
Brotsky 01-Sep-17
Griz34 01-Sep-17
From: Smtn10PT
Has Camofire found the absolute slowest method of shipment available? I had an order shipped on the 22 on Aug that still has not arrived. If anyone else orders from them what shipping options do you choose and have you noticed the shipping to be slower than expected?

From: wilbur
Their shipping is what keeps me from buying more.

Takes too long and it's too expensive.

From: woodguy65
You should have received a tracking number.

You can also call them and check on the order.

From: glittergoat
Yeah, they are always slow.

From: Smtn10PT
I have a tracking number. Its coming just verrrrrrrrry slowly.

From: T Mac
Wilbur x2

From: Brotsky
You guys must order from a different Camofire then I do. I generally get everything within about 3-5 days using whatever shipping option is the cheapest. I have ordered dozens of times from them and never had a single issue.

From: Griz34
They used to ship directly with usps, now they ship using Fedex sure post. I don't think there is a slower way to ship but also the cheapest. Watching my tracking is interesting. Fedex takes my package on a slow trip around the country, visiting 8 different cities before they finally hand it off to the postal service and it gets to me the next day. I just don't buy anything from camofire unless I don't need it for a long time.

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