Summit Treestands
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From: elkstabber
Tick tock ... I'm worthless at work today. Physical conditioning was finished on Wednesday. Took Diamox today to help prepare for the elevation. Will eat a Mountain House meal for lunch today at my desk at work and then I'll eat normal food until hiking in. This is the best way I've found to get my gut accustomed to freeze-dried food. Tomorrow I fly to Denver where my truck is waiting. It's loaded up with all of my gear (except for bow/arrows) because I drove it a month ago for a family vacation. By tomorrow night I'll be camped on national forest in Wyoming. The final preparations are in place. All I have to do now is survive a few more hours at work and then it's time to play for 3-4 weeks.

From: greg simon
Good luck. Those last few hours at work are the looonnngeeesssttt!!!

From: LINK
Good stuff. Don't wait for a bull bigger than last years. I've got 2 more weeks but it feels good to be in September.

From: jordanathome
Most MH will NEVER taste normal.........

From: Glunt@work

Glunt@work's embedded Photo
Glunt@work's embedded Photo
mOUnTainHOUSE meals should come in kit form.

From: Bowboy
I have couple of buddies who have been camped in their hunting spots the last few days, and they said the bulls are singing.

Good luck to you. I'm a little jealous of 3-4 weeks off to spend in the mountains though!

Good luck !!

From: SoDakSooner
I'm still 13 days away, and worthless....good luck. Have a great hunt!

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