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How good is he?
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RMH 01-Sep-17
Sage Buffalo 01-Sep-17
greg simon 01-Sep-17
tradmt 01-Sep-17
Bowfreak 01-Sep-17
bad karma 01-Sep-17
Glunt@work 01-Sep-17
SixLomaz 01-Sep-17
Rickm 01-Sep-17
drycreek 01-Sep-17
Adventurewriter 02-Sep-17
RMH 02-Sep-17
Timbrhuntr 02-Sep-17
jims 02-Sep-17
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smarba 06-Sep-17
RMH 10-Sep-17
Franklin 10-Sep-17
Beav 11-Sep-17
From: RMH

RMH's embedded Photo
RMH's embedded Photo
Out in South East Montana with Big Sky Outfitters glass for whitetail and he showed up in field, Think he make PY?

From: Sage Buffalo
Haha. He's close to making B&C. Not a great pic but I bet he goes 76-80" pending a better pic and angle.

He's a great goat.

From: greg simon
P&Y all day long!!! B&C ? Need more info. Put him on the ground and get it!!!

From: tradmt

From: Bowfreak
Shoot him for sure.

From: bad karma
He looks physically big. I used to see one we called the "Waddle Buck" because he was so big next to a normal goat, he looked like he waddled. P&Y No. 1 was killed near where I was hunting, and I think it was him. I'd be real curious to see him standing next to an average mature buck.

From: Glunt@work
Hard to tell from one angle but he's a good one. Lots of mass above the cutters. I don't think B&C but P&Y easy. Minimum is 67 and he's likely mid 70's. Need a frontal to see length better. With a wide spread angle they look shorter from the side

From: SixLomaz
Ohhh .. he is good right next to some home made mash potatoes, grilled mushrooms and a glass of red wine ... yummy

From: Rickm
Pope yes. Hard to tell after that with the pic. Can't tell much about the cutters and looks thin above them. Then again I passed a shot on a good one horn forward one back buck. He wasn't pretty but had mass. Buddy killed him and he went over 80 inches.

From: drycreek
Good enough !

Honest tape...74ish...easy p-y

From: RMH

RMH's embedded Photo
RMH's embedded Photo
I would love to put an arrow in him, don't have an antelope tag just deer tag. Here is another pic. Hope one of the guys in camp get a shot at him.

From: Timbrhuntr
I have a tag and will be hunting in the area next week so push him a little towards Broadus. He's good enough for me for sure !

From: jims
Pretty much any 12" buck will make P&Y. The pictured buck is definitely that! A large chunk of horned game's score comes from 4 mass measurements. I'd say the buck in the pics has ok mass on top of the prongs but from the 2nd pic it doesn't look like he has super mass around the bases. I have a feeling he's a chunk shy of making B&C. The jet black nose and neck patch sure are attractive. He's a gorgeous buck and would be a great trophy with bow!

From: Sage Buffalo
Last picture is a bit better - he will go 72-74." I have shot a bunch of'em and not many bigger than that. So he's a good one!

From: Bowriter
Nah, I'd let him go a couple more years. A four-point aint much punkins.

From: smarba

From: RMH
The group of antelope hunters went 5 for 5, all P&Y. On one got him.

From: Franklin
The 2nd photo does show him better....the height of his prongs in comparison to his ear tips along with his mass would put him in the 74-76" area max. Definitely a shooter IMO.

From: Beav
I would guess 75". Beautiful buck!

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